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AMC's Screen Snares Top Billing

American Movie Classics' long-running series, Behind the Screen,
registered its best performance with the Nielsens Sunday.

The half-hour, Hollywood-oriented magazine show notched a 1.36 household
rating Aug. 5, translating into household delivery of 1.06 million, according to
Nielsen Media Research. That performance topped the 0.92 generated by the
installment that aired Sept. 3, 1999.

The Aug. 5 episode included segments about The Princess Diaries,
Planet of the Apes, Reese Witherspoon vehicle Legally Blonde and
Apocalypse Now Redux, the longer and re-edited version of Francis Ford
Coppolla's classic Vietnam film, starring Martin Sheen and Marlon Brando.

Behind the Screen, now hosted by John Burke, debuted on AMC in August
1997. The series, premiering Sundays at 10 p.m., has been nominated for a
quartet of Emmy Awards, and it grabbed a statue in 2000 for 'Outstanding Special
Class Series.'