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AMC to Shoot New Paparazzi Series

AMC Monday green-lit a new fall series that will take a snapshot look at the
bustling paparazzi industry.

The Hollywood Hunt Club will take a close-up look at the business and the
personalities surrounding celebrity photographers and what they do to get candid
shots of the rich and famous, AMC executives said.

The series follows a one-hour original special on the topic airing in August
as part of the network's Hollywood culture-based documentary series, The AMC

"Paparazzi are an important part of the Hollywood myth-making machine," AMC
senior vice president of programming and production Rob Sorcher said in a
prepared statement.

"This series will provide anyone who is fascinated with the fame game with an
interesting perspective on the real lives of the stars and the surreal
adventures of the highly profitable cottage industry made up of the people who
record and make news of their every move," he added.