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AMC To Air 'Breaking Bad' Binge

Part of Breaking Bad’s success stemmed from the ability of viewers to binge-watch older episodes on platforms such as Netflix, and now the network that originally aired the series is capitalizing on the new habits of compulsive viewers. 

AMC plans to air its Breaking Bad Binge event beginning Sunday, August 10. Episodes will air sequentially on Sunday nights from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. ET/PT beginning with the pilot and concluding on Sunday, October 5 with the series finale. 

In addition to the previously-aired episodes, AMC will debut interviews with cast and crew as well as more behind-the-scenes content about the making of each episode. More content will also be available online at, as the network will use the Story Sync platform to release Companions to accompany each episode. Companions include trivia, graphics, quotes, replays and webisodes, among other content.