Alternate Screen Viewing

With various screens in play, viewers have more ways than ever to get their video content fix. The size of the device — TV, computer, tablet or smartphone — factors into the kind of programming viewers will watch. For example, according to a study by Vubiquity and Frank N. Magid Associates, 43% of 1,600 respondents aged 13-64 indicated they watch full-length TV shows on their computers; 40% watch on tablets; but just 16% watch them on smartphones.

Similarly, users were more inclined to watch movies on their PCs (36%) and tablets (35%) than on their smaller-screened mobile phones (11%). Usage was more uniform when it comes to viewing sports clips/highlights, news clips and movie trailers, according to the study.

Conversely, respondents were more disposed to watch user-generated and uploaded content on smartphones (49%) than computers (48%) or tablets (45%). Mobile phones were also the device of choice for watching viral videos.