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Alleged Rape Occurs in Real World House

San Diego police are investigating a woman's allegations that she was raped in the oceanfront home where MTV: Music Television is filming the latest season of reality show The Real World, AP reported.

Neither the alleged victim nor the suspect is a Real World cast or crew member, AP said.

The woman told investigators she went to a downtown nightclub Nov. 14, where she met a man who was an acquaintance of one of the cast members. She told police she consumed a drink offered by the man, then blacked out.

When she awoke the next morning, the woman said, she was fully clothed on a bed in a guest bedroom in the house. She had pain in her genital area, and a medical examination performed the next day revealed cuts, according to court documents.

Police told AP a person whose name was not released said he found the woman lying naked on the bathroom floor, dressed her and moved her to a living-room couch. With the help of a female cast member, the person moved the alleged victim to the guest bedroom.

Police served a search warrant on the house Nov. 18, seizing footage taped for the show, along with bedding, towels and couch cushions, AP reported.