Alexandria, Va.

Alexandria, Va.-Cable customers would buy more pay-per-view movies if they had better control and more movies to choose from, according to a recent CTAM Pulse survey.

The survey-part of an ongoing Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing research series on consumer issues in the telecommunications industry-revealed that one-half of cable and direct-broadcast satellite customers would purchase PPV movies more often if they had video-on-demand capability.

Further, 47 percent said they would purchase PPV if they could rewind, pause or fast-forward programs without the aid of a VCR.

The survey also reported that 52 percent would purchase subscription-VOD services and 53 percent would purchase program-VOD services.

Of actual PPV-movie purchasers, 67 percent said they would definitely or might purchase an SVOD service and 71 percent said they would pay for a PVOD service.

Customers who do not purchase movies via PPV overwhelmingly gave their satisfaction with movies on current channels as a reason, while 47 percent said they prefer to rent movies from local home-video stores.

Nearly 45 percent of customers cited the high cost of PPV movies as a reason why they don't purchase.