Agence France-Presse Strikes Deal With Teletrax

Teletrax, the broadcast-intelligence company, has signed a contract with Agence France-Presse, the global news agency, to monitor broadcast usage of AFP's video news content by its network and station clients, officials said Wednesday.

Earlier this year, AFP announced a major strategic development of its television division and is now delivering a broader array of video features and news packages daily to subscribers worldwide.

AFP will use the Teletrax comprehensive suite of video monitoring and reporting services to track broadcast usage of this news content, enabling the organization to obtain near real-time proof of what material is being used, aiding in the planning of more effective editorial, marketing and sales initiatives.

“It is critical for us to know precisely how our clients are using our news feeds, and what portion of the segments air,” said Erik Monjalous, commercial and marketing director of AFP. “The intelligence gathered will result in greater efficiency and optimum return-on-investment.”

Teletrax offers a digital video monitoring and content-tracking service that provides broadcast intelligence on a global scale to video providers such as entertainment studios, news organizations, TV syndicators, and the advertising industry.

Teletrax's technology embeds an imperceptible and indelible digital watermark into video whenever it is edited, transmitted, broadcast or duplicated. A global network of detectors then captures all occurrences of the embedded video being transmitted and generates tracking reports for the content owners.

Reports of individual broadcast airings are delivered online in near real-time to each client's custom-designed portal or in data file transfers. Each client's broadcast activity is updated dynamically, 24 hours a day, enabling clients to respond immediately to reported results such as changes in end-user preferences or detections of unauthorized use.