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After Fire, High-Def Networks Return to Air

All four HDTV networks that were knocked off the air earlier this week by a fire were back in service, according to officials.

YES Network HD and NFL Network HD were back on the air after their uplinker, Ascent Media, returned to full operations Thursday following a long-power outage and a rooftop fire at its networks-services facility in Stamford, Conn., on Monday.

A&E Television Networks got HD versions of The History Channel and A&E Network back on the air Tuesday after they, too, had gone black due to the fire.

“Virtually all services have been restored,” said Peter Brickman, Managing Director of Ascent Media’s Stamford operation. “While this incident certainly impacted our ability to provide full services, we were fortunately able to provide some level of business continuity for most clients. The restoration back to normal operations has proceeded smoothly.”  

Ascent Media used its facilities in Glenbrook, Conn., Minneapolis and Burbank, Calif., to provide origination and distribution services for several customers. 

Early Monday morning, in the midst of an extended power outage, a fire occurred on the roof at the Stamford facility. The fire required the evacuation of about 25 employees. No one was injured.