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Advertising Briefs

New York --Lifetime
has signed actress Diahann Carroll, who recently underwent
breast-cancer surgery, as the national spokeswoman for its public-awareness campaign,
"Fighting Breast Cancer: Our Lifetime Commitment." She'll appear in
public-service announcements throughout October, and Lifetime will run more than 20 hours
of original programming on the topic during that month.

Knoxville, Tenn. --Home
& Garden Television
has signed 430 systems with 20 million subscribers for the
"HGTV Great Fall Fix-Up" local-sales-promotion sweepstakes, running today (Aug.
31) through Sept. 25. Nationally, HGTV's sponsors include DAP Inc., Ford Motor Co.
and Sherwin-Williams Co.

New York -- Food Networkwill run its "Bam Bam Miami Tailgate Jam" Sept. 27 through Nov. 14, with a
trip to Super Bowl XXIII in Miami as the grand prize. And Comedy Central's
"Big Game Promotion," to run from December into January, will also offer a Super
Bowl trip as its top prize. Food's 1999 promotions include "Cruise with the Food
Network Sweepstakes" in the spring and "Food de France" in the summer.

New York -- The Cabletelevision
Advertising Bureau's
1999 National Cable Advertising Conference will be
held here March 4, and its Local Cable Sales Management Conference is slated for June 5
through 7 in Chicago.