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Advertisers Target Bathroom Mirrors

It seems that any venue these days offers a potential target for advertisers, including bathrooms.

After installing high-tech mirrors that display electronic ads at 300 high-end clubs in the United Kingdom, London-based Addirect said it’s shooting to distribute its AddMirror product in washrooms worldwide.

Cable executives attending conventions such as the recent CTAM Summit in Boston are no stranger to seeing advertising in the restrooms. Startup men’s channel MavTV purchased motion-activated discs that were placed in the men’s rooms at the Hynes Convention Center during the confab. The discs were activated when attendees stepped up to the urninals.

But Addirect’s focus is on mirrors. “Simply put, people looking in washroom mirrors cannot fail to see their adverts. Moreover, AddMirrors are strategically located in sites that guarantee high visitor traffic,” the company said in last week’s announcement.

One of AddDirect’s recent advertisers in London was gambling company Party Poker, which purchased an AddMirror that allowed people to interact with the mirror by placing their face in an empty laying card which included its slogan, “Got a bad poker face?”