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Adlink's Cartwright Dies

Adlink senior vice president and general sales manager Joe Cartwright died
Friday, Dec. 20, at his home in Hermosa Beach, Calif., after a long hospitalization for cancer treatment, the
Los Angeles interconnect announced Monday.

Cartwright, who joined Adlink in 1998 as general sales manager, was promoted
to senior vice president in 2000.

Prior to his Adlink years, Cartwright spent 19 years at KCAL-TV Los Angeles,
rising from account executive to local sales manager in 1993.

He began his ad-sales career at WDAY-TV, Fargo, N.D., where he held various
production and sales posts.

Cartwright, who was born in 1953, was praised by Adlink president Bob
McCauley in a prepared statement as "unique in every way. He will be greatly
missed. Joe was the heart and soul of Adlink."