Adlink Licenses Services to Interconnect

Adlink, the Los Angeles interconnect, has licensed its successful Adtag and
Adcopy products to its counterpart in the No. 1 DMA.

Adlink and the New York Interconnect jointly announced the licensing
agreement on Monday.

Executives at Adlink, which developed the audience-segmentation products in
1995, explained that Adtag enables advertisers to run the same commercial
throughout a market while customizing it with different dealer or retailer tags
in different locations.

Adcopy. on the other hand, allows clients to run different spots
simultaneously within specified subsections of a DMA.

To illustrate Adcopy's targeting ability, Adlink executives explained, young
professionals in one area would see a spot for an auto maker's luxury sedan,
whereas families in another area will see a commercial for that same client's

As a result of this agreement, Adlink and the New York Interconnect pointed
out in their joint announcement, advertisers in the nation's two largest TV DMAs
will now 'be able to reach precise consumer clusters within geographic
subsections' of those markets.

That increased targetability will be particularly important during the
ongoing economic slump as the ad-sales battle heats up between cable systems and
broadcast TV stations, the companies indicated.

Auto makers like General Motors Corp. and its Chevrolet division have been
among the heaviest users of these products at Adlink.

New York Interconnect senior vice president and general manager Eglon Simons
said that Adcopy and Adtag would be 'extremely effective for our automotive and
fast-food clients.'

Adlink sells inventory on 44 cable networks in Los Angeles via systems
reaching nearly 3.5 million subscribers, while its New York counterpart sells
time on 31 networks via systems reaching 3.6 million cable homes.