Adelphia Taps Wittman as CFO

Adelphia Communications Corp. announced Friday that it has named former
360Networks Corp. executive Vanessa Wittman as its new executive vice president
and chief financial officer.

Wittman had been CFO at 360Networks and was instrumental in the Canadian
network-services company's emergence from U.S. Chapter 11 bankruptcy in
November. Adelphia has been in Chapter 11 since June.

"Vanessa is a great addition to the executive team at Adelphia," chairman and
CEO William Schleyer said in a prepared statement.

"She not only has the industry expertise to help restore the company's fiscal
health and integrity, but she also possesses the knowledge and skills to help us
chart our future on a sound financial basis," he added.

"With her background in finance and corporate development, Vanessa brings a
wealth of experience that will be vital as we continue to work to bring Adelphia
out of bankruptcy," Schleyer continued.

Wittman's appointment must be approved by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the
Southern District of New York.