Adelphia Strikers to March on City Hall

In their sixth week of a labor walkout, Adelphia Communications Corp. workers
in Auburn, N.Y., will try to muster the support of the City Council next week
when they stage a march from the cable yard to city hall.

In order to raise attention, the workers will walk July 17 to plead with city
councilors to support their cause. The system is operating under an extension
that expires this fall.

A total of 19 members of Teamsters Local 118 walked out in June in
frustration over three-and-a-half years of inability to negotiate a contract.
Adelphia ordered them back to work June 30. A few workers have crossed the
picket line.

A call to local management for comment was answered by a recording noting
that the Auburn number has been temporarily disconnected. Callers are referred
to a regional call center, but a local manager did not respond.

According to local press accounts, general manager Bill Keiser is hiring
replacements. Adelphia is using staff from Buffalo, N.Y., while management
interviews replacement workers, strikers added.