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Adelphia Deploys BigBand, Terayon Gear

Adelphia Communications Corp. has expanded its usage of BigBand Networks Inc.’s "BMR" (Broadband Multimedia-Service Router), the vendor said Tuesday.

BigBand-powered HDTV is now available in 23 Adelphia systems across the country serving more than 1.5 million subscribers, BigBand said.

And Terayon Communication Systems Inc. said Tuesday that Adelphia has deployed its "DM 6400 Network CherryPicker" in more than 40 of its headends in order to deliver HDTV service in its Northeast, central and Southeast divisions.

Adelphia is using the DM 6400 to deliver three HD programs in a single channel instead of the two HD programs a channel can typically support when operating at 256 quadrature amplitude modulation. The DM 6400 accomplishes this by rate shaping, the real-time adjustment of a digital-video program's bit rates, Terayon said.

Adelphia is also using Terayon's "CP 7585" terrestrial 8-VSB (vestigial sideband) HD receivers, which receive off-air HD broadcasts from the local affiliates of the major national networks, then feed those programs into a DM 6400 for distribution to Adelphia's subscribers.