4C 'MAPs' Affinity Metric Tool to Build More Effective Advertising

After mapping a course with affinity metrics in the online advertising space, 4C Insights, Inc. is looking to help marketers in TV, print and other media.

4C Insights is unveiling its MAP (Measuring and Planning) platform that it believes will help agencies and brands leverage diagnostics for insights on loyalty, strength of preference and sentiment to more efficiently reach targeted audiences.

The cloud-based MAP tool is based on more than 30 years of research in computational science from 4C’s chief scientist Dr. Alok Choudhary, plus eight years of social data trends. The proprietary technology analyzes Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn using 4c’s affinity metrics.

By sifting through trillions of pieces of data, the company, which is showcasing the new platform at an event Feb. 12 at 5 p.m. in Manhattan, says it can deliver actionable brand-specific insights for over 1.5 billion individual consumers, their interests and behaviors and measure impact on brand preference.

The company, for example, said that a marketer promoting an energy drink could use 4C’s tool to mine social data and learn that those who prefer those type of beverages tend to watch certain specific TV programs. By then building a campaign around those affinities, the marketer would reach an audience they know is already receptive to that message – creating efficiencies.

“Our social platform has helped advertisers to place brand targeted social media ads and track their performance for years,” said 4C CEO Lance Neuhauser. “It was a natural next step to apply the same technology to TV and other advertising channels. For the first time, marketers will be able to plan and execute campaigns that they can be confident will actually engage an audience – so they can be smarter about where they put their money.”

4C officials maintain that MAP presents marketers with a predictor of future action that affords them powerful diagnostics for insights on brand loyalty, strength of preference and sentiment; provides competitive advantages by targeting and engaging brand customers directly; drives efficiency via planning reach that brings predictive results; and monitors performance, adjusting plans in real-time to optimize results.

4C will showcase the new platform at this evening’s Micro-Conference Event that will include networking and a panel discussion with guests including Dan Aversano, senior vice president of insights and Analytics at Turner;  Adam Gerber, vice president of sales development and marketing at ABC; Nate Elliott, Forrester Reseach vice president, principal analyst; and Annalect CEO Scott Hagedorn.