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20th Annual Mark Awards Finals Judges

Janice Arouh

Senior VP, Affiliate Marketing

Fox Cable Networks Group

Amy Bates

Senior VP, Affiliate Sales and Marketing

Gemstar-TV Guide International Inc.

Leigh Bolton

Senior VP, Video Promotion

In Demand

Kim Cannon

VP, Marketing and Sales

Time Warner Cable

Hilda Chazanovitz


Hilda Chazanovitz and Partners Ltd.

Robert Constable

VP, Affiliate Relations


Gerald Dash

VP, New Business Development and Retention

RCH Cable

Mickey E. Diamond

Executive VP

TeleSTAR Marketing

Linda Finney

VP, Marketing

Court TV

Paul E. Fitzgerald


D4 Creative Group

William I. Fowkes

VP, Affiliate Sales and Communication

Showtime Networks Inc.

Brenda Freeman

VP, Entertainment Group

MTV Networks

Hope Fulgham

VP, Sales and Business Development

Piazza Advertising

Lino Garcia

General Manager


Madeline R. Gleason

Design Director

A&E Television Networks

Dean Goldberg


Wolf at the Door Advertising

Jim P. Honiotes

Vice President, Marketing and Communication

International Channel Networks

Richard Howe

Chief Alchemist

Winstone Management

MaryAnne Howland

President & CEO

Ibis Communications Inc.

Dan Levinson

Executive VP, Marketing

Court TV

Mark Materowski

Senior Director, Interstitial Planning and Promotion

Showtime Networks Inc.

Susan Mattia

Director, Strategic Marketing


Janice Moore

VP, Corporate Marketing

Independent Film Channel

Bill Mushrush


Matthew Palmer

VP, Marketing


Lori Pate

President, Client Partner


Gail Peck Rauner


MTV Networks

Arthur H. Saxon


TeleSTAR Marketing

Stuart Selig

On-Air Promotion and Branding

Rainbow Media Holdings Inc.

Kurt Semtner

Senior Director, Affiliate Sales and Marketing

Affiliate Sales & Marketing

(Subsidiary of QVC)

Susanne R. Smith

Director of Corporate Marketing

Comcast Cable Communications Inc.

Daniel H. Soane

VP, Central Region

Fox News Channel

Mark Tomizawa


SMASH Advertising