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2005 Beacon Awards

Community: Full Campaign/Series; Cable System I

Operation Fort Hood
Time Warner Cable/Waco Division
Waco, TX
Time Warner Cable embarked on a series of projects to reinforce the message that Time Warner Cable is a corporate leader in the areas of technology, customer service and philanthropy. The projects targeted Fort Hood soldiers and their families. Four events became the major focus during Operation Fort Hood: USO Canteen, Adopt-A-Unit, Project Graduation and a Technology Center. These events were designed to keep military families in touch with their loved ones and utilize employees to help with soldier and family needs. These events allowed Time Warner Cable to bring its products, customer service and community outreach programs to the forefront of the Fort Hood community. Operation Fort Hood showed Time Warner Cable does more than just connect cable. It connects people.

Community: Full Campaign/Series; Cable System III

Voices for Votes Campaign
Cox Communications
Baton Rouge, LA
In April 2004, Cox Communications of Baton Rouge created “Voices for Votes,” a multimedia campaign to help reverse the disturbing trend of non-voting among adults, aged 18 to 35. Recent Louisiana elections showed dismal voter turnouts of 48 and 30 percent among young adults. Cox used unique polling, 100,000 handy “Voting Season” cards, snappy TV commercials that featured young adults, one-stop Internet info, and partnerships with businesses and media to construct an expansive, effective campaign. Louisiana’s election returns for Nov. 2 showed increased voting and higher percentages among 18- to 35-year-olds. The campaign has won high praise from Louisiana’s governor, secretary of state, Senate, House of Representatives, LSU, Southern University and other influential entities.

Community: Full Campaign/Series; Cable System IV

Ask Me About Voting
Time Warner Cable-Southwest
Flower Mound, TX
Employees were mobilized to increase voter registration and, once the registration deadline had passed, to encourage voter turnout. As the cable industry has evolved, Time Warner Cable has become more strategic in its approach to community outreach, looking for initiatives it can “own.” Ask Me About Voting was just such an initiative. The campaign took advantage of the “normal” communications channels — special events, PSAs, customer newsletters, on-hold messages, billing statements, press releases, guest editorials, and letters to elected officials — to get its message out. The Ask Me About Voting initiative accomplished Time Warner Cable’s community goals for voter-registration: 10,000 registration cards were distributed and 1,500 voters were directly registered.

Community: Full Campaign/Series; Cable Network III

Nickelodeon’s Let’s Just Play
New York, NY
Let’s Just Play is Nickelodeon’s long-term, pro-social commitment to encourage kids to partcipate in active, healthy, and playful lifestyles - a much needed antidote to reports of the rise in childhood obesity, the concerns about reduction of PE in schools and in after-school programs, and the over-scheduled and sedentary lifestyles of kids today. In addition to using the power of Nickelodeon’s air, online sites, and celebrity support, the channel devotes significant, year-round resources to build a grassroots infrastructure to support physical play opportunities in communities everywhere. In partnership with local cable affiliates, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the National PTA, Let’s Just Play provides programmatic support for communities to host their own play activities.

Community: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Cable System I

Let’s Just Play Florence
Time Warner Cable
Florence, SC
On August 21, 2004, Time Warner Cable Florence, S.C., and Nickelodeon along with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Pee Dee area and local government organized a citywide playdate. The partnership reinforced an existing relationship with The Boys and Girls Clubs and supported community outreach and customer communication. Time Warner supported event planning and community outreach through cross-channel media and subscriber communications. Over 5,000 kids swarmed the Let’s Just Play Day for various activities. The event received tremendous community praise and helped Time Warner foster a positive relationship with the Florence County Council Chairperson by featuring him in a Boys & Girls Club promotional video.

Community: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Cable System II

Ask Me About Voting — Voter Palooza
Time Warner Cable
Nederland, TX
Time Warner Cable’s Voter Palooza was a free concert event focused on voter registration in Southeast Texas. This event was used as a vehicle to increase the awareness of Time Warner’s commitment to community voter registration efforts. As a result of Voter Palooza, 210 first time voters registered to vote with 700 people in attendance that night. Time Warner received positive media coverage including several live shots from the scene of the event, and newspaper articles before and after that reinforced Time Warner’s message of involvement. Due to the overwhelming success of Voter Palooza and the entire Ask Me About Voting initiative, members of the community witnessed Time Warner Cable’s commitment to positively impact Southeast Texas.

Community: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Cable System IV

Harvest for Hunger II Concert
Time Warner Cable
Austin, TX
On September 20, 2003, Time Warner Cable-Austin presented the Harvest for Hunger II concert, featuring nationally acclaimed Texas singer song writers Pat Green and Cory Morrow to benefit the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. The objectives of the concert were to raise visibility about hunger in Central Texas, to contribute toward the cause in a significant way and to position Time Warner Cable as a good corporate citizen in the minds of Central Texans. The sold-out Harvest for Hunger II concert raised $15,000 for the Food Bank, which helped to provide more than 56,000 meals for the hungry in Central Texas. Publicity for the concert generated more than 43 positive media hits and reached millions of current and potential customers.

Community: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Cable System IV

New England Region Comcast Cares Day
Boston, MA
Comcast’s commitment to excellent corporate citizenship was again evident at New England’s 2nd Annual Comcast Cares Day. The event was a huge success this year as 1,511 Comcast employees, family and friends volunteered at 19 different sites across three states contributing over 6,800 volunteer hours to Comcast’s non-profit partners and collecting thousands of dollars worth of donations. As a region Comcast met its goal of a 30 percent participation rate, significantly increased the involvement of state, local and federal officials, and generated a significiant amount of positive press. Building upon the experiences of its first Comcast Cares Day, Comcast New England executed an even more brillant day of service on Saturday, Oct. 2, 2004.

Community: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Cable Network III

Nickelodeon’s Let’s Just Play’s Worldwide Day of Play
Nickelodeon, New York, NY
Let’s Just Play is Nickelodeon’s long-term, pro-social commitment to encourage kids to participate in active, healthy, and playful lifestyles. This year the effort was expanded through local Let’s Just Play in-market events, efforts to empower communities to plan their own play dates and launching the Let’s Just Play Grants Program. For the first time in its 25-year history, Nickelodeon went dark during the afternoon of Oct. 2 to demonstrate the importance of the message and to encourage kids to participate in the World Wide Day of Play. In addition to millions of kids participating individually, over 100,000 kids participated in over 2,500 local Let’s Just Play events across the US and in seven other countries around the globe.

Community: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Assoc./Nonprofit

Positively Cable 2003-2004
Cable Positive, Denver Chapter
Denver, CO
For 10 years the Positively Cable event produced by the Denver Chapter of Cable Positive has raised funds for local and national AIDS organizations and raised awareness of Cable Positive. The event has grown from an irreverent musical revue playing to less than 100 attendees and raising $10,000 to a musical extravaganza performed to a packed auditorium at the Denver Cable Center, incorporating an online silent auction and VIP cocktail party and raising more than $144,000 — while still remaining very irreverent! Onstage, a chorus of well-known cable executives was joined by professional performers making fun of the cable industry while raising $650,000 in 10 years. The result was a fundraiser that was fun to attend and exceeded fundraising objectives.

Community: Video Promotion or PSA/Series; Cable System IV

Image Campaign
Time Warner Cable
Rochester, NY
Time Warner Cable created its Image Campaign in an effort to show not only its customers, but also the entire community how dedicated and involved Time Warner Cable is throughout Rochester, New York, and the surrounding areas. With competition on the rise, illustrating its contributions to the community, as well as emphasizing its competitors lack of involvement was imperative. Time Warner Cable not only provides state-of-the-art services to its customers, but it also supports education, arts and an abundance of not-for-profit agencies locally. Time Warner Cable reaches out in support of so many causes because it recognizes the need to give back to the communities it serves.

Community: Video Promotion or PSA/Series; Cable Network III

TV Land and Nick at Nite’s Family Table … Share More Than Meals
MTV Networks, New York, NY
In November 2003, TV Land and Nick at Nite launched Family Table … Share More Than Meals, a public affairs initiative aimed at demonstrating the numerous benefits of families joining together on a regular basis to share meals. TV Land and Nick at Nite viewers agreed that the initiative and its public service announcement spots make them feel good about how often they have dinner with their families, bring back pleasant memories of having family dinners, and make them want to try to have dinner together with their family more often. Family Table … Share More Than Meals placed a needed emphasis on familial development by highlighting both the benefits of family dining and making the commitment to share meals in a focused manner.

Community: Video Promotion or PSA; Cable System IV

“A Community Partner Working For You” Supporting the JDRF the Interactive Way
Time Warner Cable, Schenectady, NY
Time Warner Cable’s Albany Division produced an interactive 30-second PSA to raise awareness of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s (JDRF) Walk to Cure Diabetes and generate walkers, spur “sneaker sales” and garner donations. The spot highlighted the company’s community partnership with JDRF’s Northeastern New York Chapter as well as its interactive technical capabilities. For the first time, the PSA deployed the division’s cutting-edge interactive capabilities as a means to benefit a community organization. Time Warner Cable’s involvement and this particular interactive PSA served as a call to action for the public to join Time Warner Cable and Capital News 9, its 24-hour news network, for the Walk to Cure Diabetes — to help find a cure!

Community: Video Promotion or PSA; Cable Network III

MTV’s Choose or Lose PSA: The Least Likely
New York, NY
In an effort to change the fact that Asian-Americans between 18 and 25 are the least likely to vote of all ethnic groups, The Least Likely PSA producers partnered with the Coalition of Asian-Americans United for Self Empowerment (CAUSE), an organization that aims to increase the number of young Asian-American voters. They created a movie trailer for a faux science fiction epic starring Asian-Americans. The visually stunning PSA captures the viewer’s attention to ultimately convey the power of voting. MTV welcomed the idea of airing the PSA as part of Choose or Lose: 20 Million Loud!, MTV’s pro-social campaign aimed to inspire young adults to register and vote in the 2004 presidential election. Concurrently, the producers launched a Web site where hundreds of thousands downloaded the PSA.

Community: Programming/Series; Cable System IV

The Rockstar Project
Time Warner Cable/Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI
“The Rockstar Project” was created to highlight Wisconsin’s musical talent and find a top-level vocalist in Southeastern Wisconsin to be the “Rockstar.” Time Warner Cable’s Wisconsin On Demand Channel 1111 was the exclusive television media partner. Over 200 people auditioned for the opportunity to become Wisconsin’s Rockstar. The popularity of this project lead to over 30,000 hits to Time Warner Cable’s Wisconsin On Demand Channel 1111. The winner of The Rockstar Project received a recording contract, creation and broadcast of a music video and a CD.

Community: Programming/Single Program; Cable System I

After the Firestorm
Charter Communications
Riverside, CA
In October 2003, a monstrous firestorm roared through California’s Inland Empire region forcing 60,000 people from their homes as 22 people lost their lives and nearly 4,000 families lost their homes. Charter Communications documented the events to recognize the work of the emergency response agencies that helped the community survive the devastation. The “After the Firestorm” documentary project evolved into a multifaceted campaign consisting of a “Thank You” initiative directed at emergency response agencies. Charter also worked to restore or maintain service to its customers despite power loss and fiber damage, and to provide them with information through community access channels.

Community: Programming/Single Program; Cable System IV

Troop Greetings On Demand
Oaks, PA
Comcast saw great potential to “localize” On Demand content and create relevant programming for a hometown audience. In 2003, as thousands of sons, daughters, mothers and fathers shipped off to far-away military posts, separating them from family and loved ones, video on demand’s local application took shape with Troop Greetings On Demand. The 20-second, personalized video messages, available throughout the holiday season, were viewed more than 3,900 times throughout the Philadelphia and Harrisburg markets. Based on the strong response from the local community, 2004 Troop Greetings On Demand expanded to Comcast systems in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire and CN8, The Comcast Network, aired a holiday troop greetings special.

Community: Programming/Single Program; Cable Network III

Until the Violence Stops
Lifetime Television
New York, NY
“Until the Violence Stops” aired as the cornerstone of “Our Lifetime Commitment: Stop Violence Against Women,” Lifetime’s Emmy-award winning campaign dedicated to end violence against women. The documentary followed the grassroots impact of V-Day, a global movement to end violence against women and girls, in five international communities while exposing the pervasive and cultural forms of violence that women experience all over the world.

Community: Print Materials; Cable System IV

Time Warner Cable 2003 Community Action Annual Report
Time Warner Cable, Schenectady, NY
The 2003 Community Action Annual Report highlights Time Warner Cable Albany Division’s community-based action and raises overall awareness about its commitment to the communities it serves. Time Warner Cable places the highest priority on corporate citizenship and public service and in an increasingly competitive marketplace, proof of community commitment must be included in the value equation for consumers who have a choice in video, high-speed Internet and phone service. In 2003, Time Warner’s Albany Division contributed $2.3 million in cash and in-kind support. The report clearly demonstrates Time Warner’s pledge to improve the quality of life in New York state’s Capital Region and is a visual complement to the Albany Division’s slogan, “A Community Partner Working For You.”

Community: Print Materials; Cable Network III

Nickelodeon’s Let’s Just Play Print Materials
New York, NY
Let’s Just Play is Nickelodeon’s long-term, pro-social commitment to encourage kids to participate in active, healthy, and playful lifestyles. Nickelodeon’s Let’s Just Play print materials were designed to motivate individuals and community groups to participate in Let’s Just Play activities. This year over 50,000 outreach materials were distributed including a variety of creative print resources ranging from planning guides and kits to activity calendars and posters. The campaign also provides financial donations through the newly launched Let’s Just Play Grant Program to needy schools and organizations. Through media and grassroots community support, Nickelodeon is empowering kids to make a difference in their own lives and to lead the way on play.

Community: Web Site; Cable System IV

Rhino iCAM
Time Warner Cable
Cincinnati, OH
Three years ago, Emi, a rare Sumatran rhinoceros at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, made history when she gave birth to the first Sumatran rhino born in captivity in more than 100 years. Time Warner Cable Cincinnati was there with an always-on, Internet-controllable video camera — the Rhino iCam — available on their community Web site, When Emi became pregnant again, Time Warner already had the camera in place and was able to focus on promoting the iCam and rexpanding public awareness about the species. Rhino iCam is a innovative way to showcase the broadband technology that Time Warner offers and allow viewers to witness the historic event of the birth of Emi’s second calf Suci.

Community: Web Site; Cable Network III

MTV’s Choose or Lose Online
New York, NY
Choose or Lose Online brought MTV’s “20 Million Loud” campaign to 18 to 30 year-olds where they get their information: on the Internet. With the goal of reversing decades of decline in youth participation in elections, Choose or Lose Online functioned as a complete source of news, voter resources and other politically related programming, and it spoke in a voice to which the MTV audience would respond. On Election Day, some 21 million 18 to 30 year-olds cast their vote … a 28% increase from 2000, compared to an overall increase in voting of 14%. Choose or Lose generated higher ratings for than any non-entertainment news programming in its history.

Customers: Full Campaign/Series; Cable System I

Charter All Digital Branding & Public Affairs Campaign
Charter Communications, Long Beach, CA
Virtually every department and division function at Charter Communications gathered behind a single branding initiative — when it became the first cable company in the nation to launch an All Digital cable system for its Long Beach and Signal Hill, Calif., customers on July 4, 2004. Campaign elements were aimed at delivering the brand message under the Charter All Digital product line. As part of this branding, Charter became a sponsor of the Long Beach Aquatics Festival, which included the 2004 U.S. Olympic Swim Trials. At the Festival Charter offered free Wi-Fi access and video demonstrations comparing the All Digital picture to the analog feed. Charter obtained naming rights to the temporary swim venue, resulting in extensive local and national press coverage for Charter All Digital.

Customers: Full Campaign/Series; Cable System II

Exclusive Screening Rewards Time Warner Cable Customers
Time Warner Cable/Staten Island, New York, NY
In the face of intense competition on Staten Island, Time Warner Cable decided to host a customer appreciation event featuring the award winning, HBO hit show The Sopranos. Knowing the high penetration of HBO among cable customers in the borough, it was apparent that tickets to an advanced, Time Warner Cable customer-only season premiere screening, to be held prior to the national television premiere, would be considered a very valuable commodity. The buzz surrounding the event and the expected press coverage would also serve to reinforce the value of Time Warner Cable. Seven hundred tickets were distributed to rabid fans at a one-day ticket give away, with the remainder distributed to local elected officials, community leaders and employees.

Customers: Full Campaign/Series; MSO

Take Charge! Smart Choices for Your Cox Digital Home
Cox Communications, Atlanta, GA
Following the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show debacle and resulting outcry about indecency on TV, Cox Communications created a program educating parents about positive content on cable and the Internet, and empowering customers to manage their families’ use of mass media effectively. Cox recruited well-known children’s rights activist and TV star John Walsh to help promote. The program includes a Web site ( packed with tools and tips for families, a Parents’ Guide to Take Charge! in English and Spanish, multiple links to family-friendly cable content and sites, and five educationals PSAs starring Walsh. In the first three months, it generated extensive media coverage, heavy Web site traffic and frequent downloading of the Parents’ Guide.

Customers: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Cable System II

Project X Box — Customers
Time Warner Cable
Nederland, TX
To promote the full functionality of its high-speed Internet service, Time Warner Cable showcased live online gaming on the top ranked CBS affiliate in Beaumont during a 40-minute demonstration. Its goals were, to use the television segment to promote the non-traditional uses of Road Runner and to educate its customers on how they could take advantage of such services. To make it exciting, two X-Box game systems were installed at the station and at a Time Warner employee’s home. During the program the Time Warner team competed against the CBS morning show team in football and racing games. The demonstration led to a greater understanding of Time Warner’s advanced services and increased sales. Time Warner Cable let them win of course — after all it wanted to be invited back!

Customers: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Cable System III

Hurricane Ivan Customer Restoration Reassurance Campaign
Cox Communications Gulf Coast, Pensacola, FL
September 16, 2004, the Florida Gulf Coast was hit by devastating category 3 Hurricane Ivan, whose 130+ mile an hour winds and 40” storm surge decimated homes and businesses, knocked out power to over 360,000 residents and destroyed over 260 miles of Cox Communications Gulf Coast cable. Cox devised a Customer Restoration Reassurance Campaign, which included ads and interviews designed to inform the customers of its efforts to restore services, emphasize its localism and commitment to the communities it serves, and combat the aggressive campaign launched by satellite. The campaign’s outcome proved successful with customers overtly thanking Cox for its diligence in service restoration and with higher than expected cable and High-Speed Internet connects.

Customers: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Cable Network III

Digital Fingerprinting Family Fun Day
Courtroom Television Network
New York, NY
Recognizing an important need and opportunity to provide a valuable service to communities and cable affiliates, Court TV introduced Digital Fingerprinting Days for Kids. One event, in particular, stood out the most, thanks to the terrific partnership with Comcast in Philadelphia. Together, they created a very special program by adding appealing elements, including cartoon characters, the fire department with their gorgeous red fire truck, police officers in uniform with their cool police motorcycles, which kids got a real kick out of, a coloring station and lots of prizes. This event is special since it took a very serious and important issue — child safety — and made it fun, and something the entire family, particularly young kids, were able to relate to and learn from.

Customers: Programming/Series; Cable System II

Sights & Sounds
Time Warner Cable/Nebraska Division
Lincoln, NE
The public affairs department at the Nebraska Division of Time Warner Cable wanted to better inform customers about their products and services in hopes of improving their image in the community and helping them gain and retain more subscribers. It decided to utilize its local community access studio and staff to create a monthly program called “Sights & Sounds” that would educate customers about Time Warner Cable’s products and services in a way that was light hearted and easy to understand. Each month Sights & Sounds features a new topic such as digital video recorders, media literacy, or cable vs. dish. Hosted by Vice President of Marketing Brian Cecere and Public Affairs Manager Ann Shrewsbury, the show also addresses “cable myths” and answers viewer mail.

Customers: Programming/Series; MSO

Comcast Votes Yes to Campaign 2004
Comcast Cable Communications Inc.
Philadelphia, PA
Through its ongoing marriage of exclusive programming and “On Demand” technology, Comcast ensured its subscribers were prepared with the information they needed to make an educated vote on Election Day. By providing consumers with unparalleled coverage and around-the-clock access to the major speeches, candidates and events, the company revolutionized the political television landscape with more value, choice and control than ever before. Comcast’s exclusive coverage of Campaign 2004 allowed the company to meet its mandates to provide a public service to subscribers by getting the news voters needed when it best fit their schedules, and deciphering complicated election news with perspective and information relevant to local, regional and national audiences.

Education: Full Campaign/Series; Cable System I

Kids Voting 2004
Comcast-Bucks County
Ivyland, PA
In an effort to help rectify the problems of voter apathy in the Central Bucks Area of Pennsylvania, Comcast partnered with Kids Voting USA of Southeastern PA to promote a civics program, in local schools, that endeavors to heighten K through 12 students’ awareness of and interest in the election process. The program culminated with more than 39,000 students visiting the polling sites with their parents and casting a ballot similar in content to the official ballot. For the entire program, eight school districts participated with a total of 100 schools and 80,000 students. The students, parents, teachers and volunteers were excited about the process and very proud to do their civic duty this year and VOTE!

Education: Full Campaign/Series; Cable System IV

Students & Leaders — New York City
Time Warner Cable of NY and NJ
New York, NY
In May 2004, Time Warner Cable of New York & New Jersey partnered with C-SPAN to bring a unique, educational initiative to students at ten New York City high schools. Leaders from many fields were invited to “return to the classroom” to discuss leadership, public service and the forces that shaped their careers. A series of eleven sessions were held over the course of five days, allowing students to interact in an intimate venue with national figures including congressmen, journalists, authors and community activists. Eleven compelling lessons in leadership, brought to hundreds of New York City students, made possible only through the resources of C-SPAN and Time Warner Cable.

Education: Full Campaign/Series; Cable Network II

HITN-TV Bringing Hispanic Arts & Culture to New York City Public Schools
Hispanic Information TV Network, New York, NY
In New York City there exists a void in the public school system for arts and cultural programs due to severe budget cuts. HITN-TV’s objective was to do its part to rectify this. It created Corriente Cultural, a four episode show about Hispanic arts and culture, and delivered the program to public school students by bringing them to its studios for the live filming of the show and by sending HITN-TV personnel to city schools to lead discussions about the program topics using the show and teaching curricula it developed. More than 1400 students participated, and HITN-TV delivered 600 sets of teachers’ guides. And, by airing the shows on its linear channel, HITN-TV provided 400,000 viewing opportunities to Latino families all over the country.

Education: Full Campaign/Series; Cable Network III

Disney Channel’s Imagineer That!
Disney and ESPN Media Networks
Burbank, CA
Disney Channel’s Imagineer That! is a public affairs program inspired by the Disney Imagineers, creators of imagination at Disney. Imagineer That! is designed to help 5th and 6th grade students engage their imaginations and hone critical creative skills through an interactive creativity adventure and lesson plans designed to stimulate the right side of the brain. The program is delivered to schools in partnership with Disney Channel’s cable affiliates via in-school assemblies featuring a Disney Imagineer and Disney Channel talent. A series of PSAs also promotes creativity on Disney Channel. Imagineer That! strives to expand students’ understanding of the creative process that will strengthen their creative thinking, problem solving and literacy skills.

Education: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Cable System II

Top Pop
Time Warner Cable
Portland, ME
Top Pop, Maine’s Best Dad Essay Contest, invited students in grades 4-12 to submit an essay describing why their Dad should be named one of Maine’s Top Pops. Twenty-five Dads were selected by a panel of judges and honored at a luncheon followed by a baseball game last June. One “Top” essay from each grade level (elementary, middle and high school) was announced winning a HD Television and one year of Digital/HD programming for the Dads profiled. The teachers of these three students received a new computer for their classrooms. The objective of this project was to create a new signature event for Time Warner Cable of Maine that would foster a positive relationship with teachers, families, local municipalities and sponsors and demonstrate that cable is a valuable community partner.

Education: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Cable System IV

Champions on Demand
Cablevision Systems Corporation
Bethpage, NY
On Nov. 4, 2004, at the Nassau Coliseum, sportskool’s Champions on Demand, a Power to Learn and Lightpath after-school event reached more than 3,000 high school and middle school girls from Long Island. The sold out event featured three of sportskool’s top athletes: Olympic Gold Medalists Mia Hamm, Sue Bird and Jennie Finch. The Olympic champions shared their experiences and provided first-hand advice on exercise, nutrition and fitness based on sportskool’s training program to the audience of aspiring champions. Power to Learn, Cablevision’s signature education initiative reached out directly to schools and demonstrated the commitment of Cablevision of Long Island to its customers.

Education: Full Campaign/Single Activity; MSO

Insight eLECTIONS Challenge
Insight Communications
New York, NY
The “Insight eLECTIONS Challenge,” developed with Cable in the Classroom’s eLECTIONS: An Adventure in Politics 3-D high-speed board game, pitted students in Danville, Ill. and Louisville, Lexington, and Bowling Green, Ky. against each other in a mock race for the presidency. Student winners were designated “Insight Student Presidents” and were inaugurated in mock ceremonies. “Insight Presidents” received award certificates and a “Presidential Snack Basket” filled with snacks favored by past presidents. Insight received high-profile press coverage in print and broadcast television outlets and enthusiastic testimonials from teachers, students, school administrators and local officials, firmly meeting its goal of bolstering awareness of Insight’s community involvement.

Education: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Cable Network I

sportskool’s Champions on Demand
Rainbow Sports Networks/sportskool
Bethpage, NY
sportskool has created the nation’s first video-on-demand cable network dedicated to providing expert sports and fitness education, coaching and guidance to young athletes. The sportskool lineup features top athletes as well as experienced coaches and trainers who understand the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle and what it takes to become a complete student athlete. On Nov. 4, 2004, at the Nassau Coliseum, the VOD network hosted sportskool’s Champions on Demand for more than 3,000 high school and middle school girls from Long Island. The sold out event featured three of sportskool’s top athletes: Olympic Gold Medalists Mia Hamm, Sue Bird and Jennie Finch. The Olympic champions shared their experiences and provided first-hand advice on exercise, nutrition and fitness.

Education: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Cable Network II

The N’s A Walk In Your Shoes: Living With HIV/AIDS
The N
New York, NY
The goal of The N’s partnership with The Kaiser Family Foundation and the National PTA was to create materials on-air, online and off channel that would arm tweens and teens with knowledge and generate a conversation about HIV/AIDS. The Walk episode introduces two HIV-infected teens who lead active lives and overcome the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS. The episode, along with four, original PSAs, premiered on The N on World AIDS Day 2003. The Campaign also included a specially-created mini-Web site on, 25,000 Education Kits distributed to the National PTA’s State Leaders in advance of the show’s airing, and special screenings across the country. The show received a slew of positive press in papers and trade magazines across the country.

Education: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Cable Network III

C-SPAN’S Campaign Cam
C-SPAN Networks
Washington, D.C.
In 2004, C-SPAN held “Campaign Cam,” a student video documentary competition to encourage the use of C-SPAN and other cable resources for learning about issues of the 2004 presidential campaign. Individuals or teams of middle and high school students submitted videos expressing their opinion about a campaign issue. Over 700 entries involving 1,500 students were received by the deadline in May 2004. Winners were announced on June 3, 2004, and 45 prizes totaling $50,000 were awarded. C-SPAN aired a two-hour special program highlighting the winners and the Grand, 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winning videos during primetime on C-SPAN2.

Education: Video Promotion or PSA/Series; Cable Network II

The N
New York, NY
The N partnered with the Kaiser Family Foundation and the National PTA to produce a series of PSAs to educated tweens and teens about the HIV/AIDS epidemic and to drive them to a specially-created educational Web site. The four PSAs addressed facts about HIV/AIDS including the number of people infected, information about the viruses, and the concrete means of transmission. The spots launched on World AIDS Day in conjunction with the Living With HIV/AIDS episode of A Walk in Your Shoes and addressed important points that the 30-minute show did not. The show and the PSAs earned a great deal of positive press, and the N received hundreds of emails from teens, teachers, and parents praising the HIV/AIDS campaign.

Education: Programming/Single Program; Cable System I

Justice for All
Charter Communications
Long Beach, CA
In March 2004, Charter Communications in Long Beach, Calif., partnered with the Long Beach Press-Telegram to sponsor a key event for the Long Beach Library Foundation’s Long Beach Reads One Book that encouraged the entire city to read “The Freedom Writers Diary”. Charter and the local newspaper partnered on “Justice for All,” an evening panel and program designed for young people, parents and community leaders to interact with the author, Erin Gruwell, and her “freedom writers,” students she encountered in her first year as a teacher in Long Beach schools. Before a “standing room only” crowd of over 300 youth and adults, she and the panel discussed the challenges youth face when confronted with poverty, gang allegiaces and lack of opportunities.

Education: Programming/Single Program; Cable System II

Time Warner Cable/Nebraska Division
Lincoln, NE
For the 98 middle school students who participated in Time Warner Cable’s “FAME” project, this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to meet real Broadway artists and develop an appreciation and love for the performing arts. Time Warner Cable’s Nebraska Division worked with four area middle schools to bring at-risk students into the theater and expose them to a Broadway performance of FAME — The Musical. Students communicated via email with the cast of FAME for weeks before meeting the artists and seeing the show and worked directly with the cast of FAME to learn the closing number. The entire weekend’s activities were captured on tape and a 90-minute program about the FAME Immersion Project was produced and aired on a local community access channel.

Education: Programming/Single Program; Cable System III

Get Your Vote On
Cox Communications New Orleans
Harahan, LA
For students that are not old enough to vote, the Presidential Election can be interesting to observe but frustrating to not have their voices or opinions heard. Cox produced a LIVE 60-minute program titled Get Your Vote On immediately following the first presidential debate. This unique program featured a LIVE studio audience of 80 students from throughout the greater New Orleans area that discussed and assessed the candidates on foreign relations issues including the conflict in Iraq. Viewers participated online through polls, surveys, real-time chat rooms, e-mail questions, and via calling into the program. The entire program utilized the components of voice, video and data showcasing all elements of the cable industry in an hour-long, multimedia experience for students and viewers.

Education: Programming/Single Program; Cable System IV

Time Warner Cable’s Hang Tough Video Contest
Time Warner Cable/Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI
The “Time Warner Cable Hang Tough Video Contest” provides hundreds of middle school students an opportunity to use cable television as a positive medium to prevent violence and drug abuse. The Time Warner Cable Hang Tough Video Contest allows students to communicate with their peers by producing their own thirty-second PSA, which airs on over 20 cable networks weekly. Students write, act, and direct, creating a great overall learning opportunity. This year, over 400 entry scripts were submitted with the top 20 scripts produced into PSAs. The top 20 PSAs are judged by local media during an awards ceremony attended by 1,500 students, educators, parents, and public officials.

Education: Programming/Single Program; Cable Network II

The N’s “I Sit Where I Want: The Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education”
The N, New York, NY
Filmed at The Buffalo Academy for Visual & Performing Arts, this 1-hour documentary takes a hard look at the state of race relations in high schools today. The students at this magnet school with a diverse mix of students attend classes together, but they segregate themselves in their free space. In the film, one group of teens decide to take on the most visible, tangible representation of their racial divide — their segregated lunchroom. With its “I Sit Where I Want” documentary, The N wanted to create a compelling, honest program. It also wanted to commemorate one of the most significant legal decisions in our nation’s history and use off channel screenings and events to drive awareness of the N and build the channel’s reputation as a risk taking, pro-social network.

Education: Programming/Single Program; Cable Network III

VH1 News Presents: AIDS: A Pop Culture History — Partnership with Cable Positive
VH1, New York, NY
VH1 News Presents: AIDS: A Pop Culture History is a look back at the history of AIDS as seen through the prism of popular culture and reviews how media and culture influenced the public’s knowledge of and attitudes toward the disease over the last 20 years. The program premiered on World AIDS Day in conjunction with PSAs and an online campaign that provided resources for treatment and prevention. An educational curriculum was created in collaboration with Cable in the Classroom, Cable Positive and MENC: The National Association for Music Education, and provided extensive resources about how to teach the delicate subject of HIV/AIDS. VH1 and its partners were able to offer young people informative and thought provoking programming that brought attention to the epidemic.

Education: Print Materials; MSO

Internet Smarts Booklet
Cablevision Systems Corporation
Bethpage, NY
Cablevision’s Power to Learn produced a family resource booklet, “Internet Smarts: Safeguarding Your Children in Cyberspace” that answers common questions about Internet use and offers practical strategies for parents as they address Internet use with their children. It is written in a non-technical question and answer format. Issues addressed include music downloading, plagiarism, copyright and the importance of keeping personal information private. 100,000 copies have been printed and a downloadable version is available at The booklet has been distributed to schools and parent associations in Cablevision’s service area. This booklet is one aspect of Power to Learn’s Internet Smarts program, which also includes online activities at

Education: Print Materials; Cable Network III

Chasing Freedom
Courtroom Television Network
New York, NY
Court TV’s film Chasing Freedom, a searing story about a young woman from Afghanistan seeking political asylum in the United States, was the foundation of 45 screenings and community events in major markets across the country in 2004. Education resources were created for middle schools, high schools, and law schools. Court TV partnered with the national advocacy group Active Voice, leading education associations, cable operators and government leaders to bring the film and the educational materials to the nation. The goal was to establish awareness of the U.S. Immigration laws, to inspire dialogue and encourage action about these policies during this time of heightened terrorism. The film and initiative have received wide praise from its intended audiences, and by the media.

Education: Web Site; MSO
Cablevision Systems Corporation
Bethpage, NY is a commercial-free, online learning resource for K-12 educators, students and parents and is driven by Cablevision’s desire to provide its audience with an online learning community to compliment and augment the benefit of high-speed Internet connectivity. leverages the abundance of education content available within the cable industry, and without, by partnering with programmers and other organizations to highlight the use of broadband technology in the classroom. enhances home-school connections by providing parents with ways to support their children’s academic progress and helps educators integrate technology into their curricula.

Education: Web Site; Cable Network III

ESPN “Get Your Brain in the Game”
ESPN Inc., Bristol, CT brings education alive, using the full power of the Internet and the vehicle of sports to reach students and educators., resdesigned and launched at the end of 2003, seeks to educate and entertain as well as build character, healthy lifestyles and teamwork through video, curriculum, and interaction, as well as positive athlete role models and experiences. An online video series features athletes from Tiger Woods to Jeff Gordon focusing on how math and physics principles and concepts related to their respective sports. Other sections of the Web site, such as Training Camp and The Batting Cage, create opportunities to explore, learn, and practice math, science, health and teamwork with downloadable quizzes, practice problems, and instruction.

Employees: Full Campaign/Series; Cable System I

Relay for Life: “New Year, New Beginnings, Same Determination”
Time Warner Cable/Waco Division; Waco, TX
Time Warner Cable’s participation in the 2004 Relay for Life increased the amount of money donated to the event from previous years and raised employee awareness in three ways. It educated employees on the American Cancer Society’s mission and purpose, informed employees about cancer prevention, and demonstrated exemplary corporate citizenship and a commitment to increasing employee volunteerism. A Public Affairs directed employee committee chose, planned and executed the fundraisers and activities for this project. More than 80 employees volunteered in excess of 200 hours and the company was able to achieve both their fundraising and employee-awareness goals.

Employees: Full Campaign/Series; Cable System III

NOVA NewsWire, The 411 and HOT Sheet: “Generating Awareness”
Cox Communications/Northern Virginia; Herndon, VA
In 2004, the Cox Northern Virginia (NOVA) public affairs department placed a renewed emphasis on communicating industry trends, competitive information, NOVA highlights and Cox Digital Telephone facts to more than 900 frontline, field and professional employees. By streamlining the existing employee newsletter, developing a one-page, quick to read newsletter for field personnel and creating a new, specialized newsletter featuring the newest Cox product, Cox NOVA is giving its employees the relevant news they need to perform their jobs. Publications are more employee friendly, accessible and to the point. By doing a more thorough job of reaching all Cox employees, public affairs has helped to build stronger and more positive relationships between company leaders and frontline employees, and ultimately, between employees and customers.

Employees: Full Campaign/Series; Cable System IV

2004 Three Pillars: Foundation For Success
Taunton, MA
In 2004, Comcast of New England developed three key business goals, or Three Pillars, that would serve as the foundation of the region’s business strategy and success: Think Customer First, Make Comcast a Great Place to Work and Achieve Superior Financial Performance. Through a year-long, multi-faceted employee communications campaign, the region’s Employee Communications duo successfully launched the Three Pillars to 5,200 New England employees incorporating the Three Pillars into every aspect of the business as a fundamental part of the culture, facilitating behavioral change and ultimately, yielding positive business results.

Employees: Full Campaign/Series; Hardware, Software, or New Tech Provider

Go All Out For JDRF 2004
Scientific-Atlanta Inc.
Lawrenceville, GA
For more than a decade, Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. and its employees have supported the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s annual fund raising campaign. For the past three years, the company has been the Presenting Sponsor for the Atlanta area, raising nearly $300,000 for JDRF in that three year span. The 2004 campaign, which generated more than $130,000 for JDRF, was conducted from September 23 to October 23. Employee participation in 2004 was up by at least 40 percent over 2003, a significant improvement over the 20 percent goal. Not only did the Scientific-Atlanta effort for 2004 exceed its goal of collecting 15 percent more than was raised in 2003, our 2004 total of over $130,000 beat our goal of $70,000 by more than 80 percent.

Employees: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Cable System II

Growing Volunteers for Comcast Cares Day
Tucson, AZ
Comcast Cares Day is an initiative that represents Comcast’s corporate culture of giving back to the communities where it does business. Each year, the Comcast Cares Day program at the Tucson system grows, but for 2004 the system had a hefty goal to raise participation from 39% to 50%. The system launched a campaign including promotional postcards and posters, informative meetings, and testimonials to inform employees about the event. Employees were able to become personally involved by designing tiles to be placed at the school that would benefit from the volunteer efforts. Registered employees wore t-shirts prior to the event to motivate others to sign up. The results were a 55% participation rate. Employees were recognized by a video shown at an all employee meeting.

Employees: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Cable System IV

Government Affairs Spring Training 2004
Yardley, PA
Each year the Comcast Eastern Division Government Affairs department holds two conferences to bring employees together to discuss current issues and best practices. However, due to recent acquisitions and mergers, there was a divide between employees. To correct this and to encourage team building, the department created a baseball-themed conference titled Government Affairs Spring Training 2004. The objectives were to encourage employees to come together as a team, build relationships with co-workers, and familiarize themselves with the company’s mission statement, credo and employee touchstones. The conference was filled with baseball-themed components, including baseball trading cards designed for each employee that everyone was instructed to get autographed.

Employees: Full Campaign/Single Activity; MSO

Comcast Dishes Out the Competition with Fling for the Rings
Comcast Corp., Philadelphia, PA
Comcast sought to find a fun and interesting way to articulate the satellite customer winback strategy to employees — by creating an interactive game for employees to play across the country. “Fling for the Rings” provided employees an opportunity to literally “toss” a satellite dish — an innovative internal campaign that engaged employees with a competitive spirit during the Olympics, while at the same time reinforcing the company’s key product advantages to rally employees. For its first year’s flinging, more than 11,000 employees participated in the hundreds of games throughout the country, and nearly all 68,000 Comcast employees learned about the campaign — and Comcast’s key competitive advantages — through communication by their executive and field leaders.

Employees: Programming/Series; Cable System III

Cox Communications
New Orleans, LA
Pipeline is a successful internal communication/education initiative by the Cox Communications New Orleans system. Now in its second year, the Cox Production team has fine-tuned its content to the expressed needs and desires of employees, by responding to the results of a system-wide survey. The Pipeline channel, which has been launched and maintained without the allocation of extra resources to the production team, provides a crucial forum for discussion, debate, training and morale-boosting entertainment. From informative All Employee Meetings and Orientation Videos, to investigative news magazines, frequently asked questions, employee ID’s and even holiday season talent shows, Pipeline continues to offer the most relevant and timely content possible to the diverse work community in the New Orleans system.

Employees: Programming/Single Program; Cable Network III

FYI: Generation Y
Courtroom Television Network
New York, NY
Court TV launched a program development project that would allow students participating in their summer internship program, working in all areas of the company, an opportunity to experience the “real life” process of developing a show. Student participants decided on a 30-minute magazine format for their show, three segments with a host at the top, co-anchors to introduce each segment and field reporters, thus allowing students to work and explore areas of interest such as being on camera, editing, research and script writing. A freelance executive producer, hired to assist students on the project, organized assignments and met with smaller groups to facilitate each stage of development. The show FYI: Generation Y addressed topics such as voting, identity theft, smoker’s rights, drug testing and the draft.

Employees: Print Materials; MSO

Time Warner Cable
Stamford, CT
TWConnections is an internal, monthly newsletter for employees of Time Warner Cable. The editorial staff is committed to delivering an informative and entertaining newsletter, available in print and online, to our 32,000 employees. Relaunched in 2003 to provide employees with more information on our company’s new products and services, showcase best practices and highlight team or individual achievements, TWConnections is now considered a valuable communications vehicle for the company and has received positive feedback from employees and management.

Employees: Web Site; Cable System IV

YIKES! What is that all about?
Time Warner Cable/Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI
Time Warner Cable Southeast Wisconsin Division redesigned the YIKES! intranet site to make it the source of the most correct and current information for its employees to ensure that they are able to deliver world-class customer service to each and every customer. Everything pertinent to serving the company’s customer is within three mouse clicks. The intranet has become the “go to” source of information. 100% of Customer Service Reps use YIKES as their primary source of information.

Government: Full Campaign/Series; Cable System II

Comcast Local Edition Southern California
Comcast, Southern California
El Segundo, CA
Comcast Local Edition, Southern California was launched in May 2004 with the mandate to roll out production of 5-minute segment of interviews with national, state, and local elected officials, as well as community based organizations, in four separate studios serving unique areas in the Southland. Since the launch, 150 segments per month have been produced and inserted into CNN Headline News. Literally hundreds of elected officials and community-based organization representatives in the Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Riverside County areas have been serviced by this program. More importantly, internal Government Affairs executives have been provided with a regular conduit to meet with government officials in an environment that presents Comcast in a positive light.

Government: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Cable System II

Call Center Grand Opening
Time Warner Cable
Harlingen, TX
Time Warner Cable of the Rio Grande Valley spent $2 million renovating and expanding its local Call Center. This investment followed a $65 million investment to upgrade the cable system to an 870 MHz, two-way hybrid fiber-coaxial system. The system turned its grand opening celebration into a vehicle for focusing elected officials’ attention on Time Warner Cable’s commitments to the Valley. Fourteen elected officials attended the event, with a total of 400 attendees. Time Warner Cable received 7 letters of commendation of its local investments.

Government: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Cable System IV

Information Technology Industry Council Visit
Time Warner Cable
Austin, TX
On May 27, 2004, Time Warner Cable welcomed representatives of the Information Technology Industry Council and staff members from the congressional Commerce and Judiciary committees to Austin. The goal of the event was to present a compelling overview of the latest technological advances in the cable industry. The visit proved to be a huge success, with attendees enjoying the presentation, a cable-industry-themed skit and tour of the Time Warner Cable-Austin facilities. Feedback collected from attendees through an evaluation survey rated the event as “Awesome! Very clever and well done!” and “Definitely entertaining!” Guests left with a greater understanding of the issues surrounding the cable industry, especially considering the fast-paced technological advancements of today.

Government: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Cable Network III

Everyday Heroes
Courtroom Television Network
New York, NY
Court TV’s Everyday Heroes program honors “brave and courageous men and women who go above and beyond the call of duty to serve their country and communities.” 2004 was a banner year for the program — honoring heroes that keep America safe. While the Western Show in Anaheim drew to a close, many will remember Court TV’s Everyday Heroes luncheon, which honored 22 deserving individuals, along with a Salute to California Firefighters. Virtually all the cable operators in California and Phoenix participated and nominated local heroes. Representative Loretta Sanchez and other government officials were on hand to help present the awards along with over a dozen community organizations. Court TV generated great press for the participating affiliates and produced Heroes PSAs for the cable operators to air.

Government: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Assoc./Nonprofit

Cable Wins the Lottery
Florida Cable Telecommunications Association
Tallahassee, FL
It had been a decade since Florida’s cable systems got advertising revenue from Florida’s Department of the Lottery for all funds were going to broadcasters. The FCTA’s Board of Directors decided that a relationship between the Lottery (funds go 100% to educational enhancement) and cable, a champion of education in the state, would be a good match. FCTA formed a Cable Ad Sales Task Force, researched and put together a road-show presentation: The Five Myths About Buying Advertising on Cable Television. Because of that effort, the cable systems of Florida collectively sold more than $750,000 in ad time to the state lottery this year; the Task Force remains in place; and the state has requested additional funds in their new budget. Cable wins the Lottery!

Government: Web Site; Cable System II

Comcast Local Edition Southern California Web Site
Comcast, Southern California
El Segundo, CA
The Original Programming department was tasked to organize the logistical aspect of studio production and appointment management in relation to Comcast Local Edition shoots, while the Government Affairs department compiled the targeted list of elected officials to be interviewed. The Local Edition Web site was launched to provide a centralized location for external contacts such as national, state, and local elected officials and their staff to self-schedule their appointments to appear on the Local Edition program. The site also provides details about what to expect during the studio interview and gathers useful information for Comcast staff to create a seamless interview. An internal user interface was also created for Comcast staff to track appointment status and historical information on guests.

Media: Full Campaign/Series; Cable System III

There’s a New Dial Tone in Town!
Cox Communications/Northern Virginia
Herndon, VA
Thanks to a high-profile and successful public relations campaign, consumer demand for Cox Digital Telephone has been extremely strong since its June 1 launch. The product launch was a milestone for Cox Northern Virginia (NOVA) as it brought the system from being “just a cable company” into the highly competitive telephone business. Since it was able to create awareness for Cox Digital Telephone while educating consumers on the product’s reliability and affordability, Cox NOVA has enjoyed tremendous success thus far as “the new dial tone in town.”

Media: Full Campaign/Series; Cable Network II

Starz On Demand Grassroots PR Initiatives
Starz Entertainment Group
Englewood, CO
The Starz On Demand Grassroots PR Initiatives were designed to build relationships with reporters and editors and educate them about the Starz On Demand and the broader VOD platform. Starz reached out to the reporters and editors by sending them press kits including DVDs of a movie available on Starz On Demand and by visiting them personally to witness the “epiphany moment” when the reporters realized what an incredible service Starz was providing at no extra cost to the subscriber. Starz also promoted VOD programming in general, which helped to build relationships with cable system affiliates.

Media: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Cable System II

Project X Box — Media
Time Warner Cable
Nederland, TX
To promote the full functionality of our high-speed Internet service, Time Warner Cable showcased live online gaming at the top ranked CBS affiliate in Beaumont during a 40-minute demonstration. Time Warner Cable’s goals were to use the television segment to promote the non-traditional uses of Road Runner and to educate its customers on how they could take advantage of such services. To make it exciting, X-Box game systems were installed at the station and at an employee’s home. During the program, the Time Warner Cable team competed against the morning show. The demonstration led to a greater understanding of Time Warner Cable’s advanced services, increased sales, and made for compelling television. Time Warner Cable let them win of course — after all, it wanted to be invited back!

Media: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Cable System III

Comcast Outdoor Film Festival
Comcast of Montgomery County
Rockville, MD
Comcast is the proud lead sponsor of the free outdoor film festival, benefiting the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) Children’s Charities. Comcast’s sponsorship of this popular ten-day event raises needed awareness and funds for the NIH’s Children’s Charities programs. The Children’s Charities programs work to enrich the lives of seriously ill children and their families both financially and emotionally. The three programs that benefit from this worthy event are Children’s Inn, Camp Fantastic/Special Love, and Friends of the Clinical Center. Funds are raised for these charities through the sale of movie snacks to festival attendees. Comcast has long worked to provide more than just regional cable programming, but also improved quality of life for those in its service area.

Media: Full Campaign/Single Activity; Cable System IV

Time Warner Cable’s “Virtual Office”
Time Warner Cable/Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI
The Marquette Interchange Construction Project, encompassing Interstate 94, is guaranteed to affect most commuters for the next four years. Using its Road Runner Business Class technology, Time Warner Cable created the “Time Warner Cable Virtual Office” telecommuter program. This program boasts the motto: “Park your car at home…let Road Runner Business Class bring the office to you!” The program brings the office to the employee’s home, so they can work from home decreasing traffic congestion and vehicle emissions in the environment. Time Warner Cable partnered with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to create a successful press conference. To date, Time Warner Cable has more than 800 employees from area companies participating in the Road Runner Business Class telecommuter program.

Media: Print Materials; Cable System III

Ringing Press Kit: There’s a New Dial Tone in Town!
Cox Communications/Northern Virginia
Herndon, VA
Thanks to a successful public relations campaign, consumer demand for Cox Digital Telephone has been quite strong since its launch. The launch was a milestone for Cox Northern Virginia (NOVA) as it brought the system from being “just a cable company” into the highly competitive telephone business. Since it was able to create awareness for Cox Digital Telephone while educating consumers on the product’s reliability and affordability, Cox NOVA has enjoyed tremendous success thus far as a phone company thanks to the efforts of its public affairs department.

Members: Full Campaign/Series; Association/Nonprofit

Positively Aiding the Fight Against AIDS
Atlanta Chapter of Cable Positive Atlanta, GA
Founded in 2003, the Atlanta Chapter of Cable Positive Atlanta has had a very successful start. In the past year, it has raised more than $43,800 to fund the AIDS support and education programs of Cable Positive and AID Atlanta, the Southeast’s largest AIDS action organization. Through events like Gutter Ball 2004: Strike for a Cause and the Positively Art auction, the chapter has marshaled the resources of the cable industry, gained the active support and sponsorship of 30 cable-related companies, greatly increased its membership, and funded critical AIDS education and service programs in Atlanta and nationally.

Members: Video Promotion or PSA/Series; Cable Network III

WICT NY, Multichannel NewsWonder Women of Cable Video
Courtroom Television Network, New York, NY
The Wonder Women of Cable program, sponsored by WICT and Multichannel News promotes one of cable’s best assets — its leaders — women leaders to be precise. The event educates and informs members of the cable industry, including members of WICT, about “cable’s contribution to the community” by spotlighting the great things its Wonder Women do for the community — they run companies, spearhead public affairs programs, produce programming, and develop the new technologies that drive the business. A trademark of the event is the customized video, set to cool music, highlighting each honoree. So not only are 13 women named “Wonder Women of Cable” they are featured in their own music video!


Peter Kiley
Vice President, Affiliate Relation
C-SPAN Networks
Anita Lamont
Division Director of Communications
Charter Communications Inc.
Christine Levesque
Executive Vice President, Communication, Marketing & Government Affairs
Gemstar-TV Guide International Inc.
Mark A. Harrad
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications
Time Warner Cable
Ellen East
Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs
Cox Communications Inc.
Steven R. Jones
Portia E. Badham
BadWyn Communications
Peggy M. Ballard
Vice President, Strategic Communications
Scientific-Atlanta Inc.
Scott Broyles
Vice President, Public Affairs
Cox Communications Northern Virginia
Mary Dixon
Vice President, Advocacy & Public Affairs
Lifetime Television
Alyssa Donelan
Vice President, Media Relations
NBC Universal Cable
Pamela Dover
Regional Director of Public Affairs, Greater Detroit Area
Comcast Cable Communications Inc.
Rosa M. Gatti
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications & Outreach
Paul E. Jacobson
Vice President, Corporate Communications
Adelphia Communications Corp.
William G. Jasso
Vice President, Public Affairs
Time Warner Cable Northeast Ohio
Maryann R. Kafer
Director, Public Relations
Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association
Scoot MacPherson
Executive Vice President, Corporate & Government Affairs
Courtroom Television Network LLC
James Maiella Jr.
Vice President of Media Relations, Cable and Communications
Cablevision Systems Corp.
Libby O’Connell, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Corporate Outreach
A&E Television Networks
Bret Perkins
Vice President of Government Affairs
Comcast Cable Communications
Steve Raddock
Senior Vice President, Production & Marketing
The Meetrics Group
Todd Schoen
Senior Vice President, Affiliate Marketing & Ad Sales
Fox Cable Networks
Mike Schwartz
Senior Vice President, Communications
Cable Television Laboratories Inc.
Jean Margaret Smith
Senior Vice President, Public Affairs & Administration
Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite/TV Land/Spike
Thomas P. Southwick
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications
Starz Entertainment Group
Rob Stoddard
Senior Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs
National Cable & Telecommunications Association
James J. Weiss
Rainbow Media Holdings LLC


Consisting of senior cable executives, the Board of Advisors provides CTPAA with insight, advice and feedback on association activities, industry issues and trends. A key objective for the Board of Advisors is to ensure that CTPAA is able to fulfill its mission: to develop and promote public affairs excellence to help achieve industry, corporate and social goals.
Decker Anstrom
President and COO
Landmark Communications Inc.
Nickolas Davatzes
CEO Emeritus
A&E Television Networks
Brian Lamb
Chairman and CEO
C-SPAN Networks
Robert Miron
Chairman and CEO
Advance/Newhouse Communications
Jim Robbins
President and CEO
Cox Communications Inc.
Robert Sachs
Continental Consulting Group LLC
Josh Sapan
President and CEO
Rainbow Media Holdings Inc.
Henry Schleiff
Chairman and CEO
Courtroom Television Network LLC
Michael S. Willner
Vice Chairman, President and CEO
Insight Communications Co.


Each year, CTPAA members volunteer to work on the Beacon Awards Committee. These people donate their time and professional expertise to improve operations and develop new ways to increase the outreach and recognition of the Beacon Awards program. CTPAA is an industry association that values the participation of its members and is appreciative of the following people who have offered their time to help make the 2005 Beacon Awards a success.
Peggy M. Ballard
Scientific-Atlanta Inc.
Brian Wirth
Time Warner Cable
Beth Adams
Discovery Networks
Portia E. Badham
BadWyn Communications
Karen Ann Benson
Cox Communications Inc.
Donelle Blubaugh
Topics Education
Catherine Brett
Susan K. Carden
Comcast Cable Communications
Yves-Marie Casimir
Time Warner Cable-Raleigh Division
Rebecca Cianci
Comcast Corp.
Katy Clemow
Comcast Corp.
Thursa D. Crittenden
Cox Communications Inc.
Phyllis Dickerson-Johnson
Elizabeth Ferrier
Cablevision/New York City
Bob Gold
Bob Gold & Associates
Jeanie L. Hernandez
Comcast Corp.
Scott Hults
EWTN Global Catholic Network
Maryann R. Kafer
Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association
Andrea Katsenes
Cox Communications Inc.
Nathalie Lubensky
Disney & ESPN Media Networks
Pamela McDonald
Time Warner Cable
Meredith Olson
Discovery Networks
Taffy Patton
Patton Pending
Michael Pedelty
Steve Raddock
The Meetrics Group
Stacie Reedy
Cox Communications Inc.
Stacy Schmitt
Time Warner Cable/Waco Division
Sara Stutzenstein
Scientific-Atlanta Inc.
Richard Taub
Hispanic Information TV Network
Beverly Wilhide
Comcast Atlantic Division


A&E Television Networks
Advance/Newhouse Communications
Cablevision Systems Corp.
Charter Communications Inc.
Comcast Cable Communications Inc.
Cox Communications Inc.
Disney & ESPN Media Networks
MTV Networks
NBC Universal Cable Networks
Rainbow Media Holdings LLC
Time Warner Cable
Turner Broadcasting System Inc.
Discovery Networks
Lifetime Television
The Weather Channel
Adelphia Communications Corp.
AZN Television
Black Entertainment Television
Bresnan Communications
Cable One
Cable Telecommunications Association of New York
Cable Television Laboratories Inc.
Courtroom Television Network LLC
C-SPAN Networks
Florida Cable Telecommunications Association
Fox Cable Networks
GSN: The Network for Games.
Gemstar-TV Guide International Inc.
Hallmark Channel
Home Box Office
Insight Communications Co.
Midcontinent Communications
Motorola, Broadband Communications Sector
Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association
The Outdoor Channel
Outdoor Life Network
Oxygen Media
Scientific-Atlanta Inc.
Scripps Networks
Showtime Networks
Starz Entertainment Group
Texas Cable & Telecommunications Association


Jeffrey Alexander, Comcast Corp.
Christina Anderson, NCTA
Portia Badham, BadWyn Communications
Peggy Ballard, Scientific-Atlanta Inc.
Amanda Batson, ADB Partners
Donelle Blubaugh, Topics Education
Susan Breckenridge, Time Warner Cable
Chelsye Burrows, Starz Entertainment Group
Janice Caluda, Florida Cable Telecommunications Association
Anne Cowan, CTAM
Brian Dietz, NCTA
Mary Dixon, Lifetime Television
Sol Doten, Fox Cable Networks
Bob Gold, Bob Gold & Associates
Susan Gunn, CTSi
Bonnie Hathaway, Time Warner Cable
Mallard Holliday, Cox Communications
Jennifer Iras, Turner Broadcasting System Inc.
Paul Jacobson, Adelphia Communications Corp.
Georgia Juvelis, Gemstar-TV Guide International Inc.
Maryann Kafer, Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association
William Kettleson, Comcast Corp.
Steve Kim, Time Warner Cable
Kathy Lane, The Weather Channel
Wonya Lucas, The Weather Channel
Wayne O’Dell, Cable Telecommunications Association of MD, DE & DC
Kristin Peck, Cox Communications Inc.
Steve Schorr, Cox Communications Inc.
Misty Skedgell, Turner Broadcasting
Mike Smith, Comcast Corp.
Rob Stoddard, NCTA
Melany Stroupe, Cable One
Brian Sullivan, Education Showcase
Lee Tenebruso, Courtroom Television Network LLC
Brian Wirth, Time Warner Cable
Lisa Alston, Courtroom Television Network LLC
Portia Badham, BadWyn Communications
Peggy Ballard, Scientific-Atlanta Inc.
Michelle Baran, Scientific-Atlanta Inc.
Karen Benson, Cox Communications
Paul Braun, Time Warner Cable
Kevin Broadhurst, Comcast Corp.
William Bronson, Comcast Corp.
Monica Callahan, Comcast Corp.
Constance Cannon, MTV Networks
Ayn Craciun, Cox Communications Inc.
Andi Curtis, Time Warner Cable
Erica Eusebio, Comcast Corp.
Roberta Farman, Time Warner Cable
Elizabeth Ferrier, Cablevision Systems Corp.
Christine Fitz, Comcast Corp.
Randy Fraser, Time Warner Cable
Allison Frey Shelton, NCTA
Davida Garr, Comcast Corp.
Kim Gilmore, The History Channel
Jessica Graham, APR, Time Warner Cable
Kristen Grossnickle, Comcast Corp.
Lori Hansen, Time Warner Cable
Erin Harvego, Rainbow Sports Networks/Sportskool
Ashley Hrycyk, Comcast Corp.
Rachel Jones, Comcast Corp.
Maryann Kafer, Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association
Andrea Katsenes, Cox Communications Inc.
Karen La Cava, Time Warner Cable
Nancy Larkin, Fox Sports Net
Reinaldo Llano, Bright House Networks
Sonya Lockett, Black Entertainment Television
Cheryl McCormick, Louisiana Cable & Telecommunications Association
Whitney Moose, Insight
Maryann Plastino-Charles, EWTN Global Catholic Network
Mead Rust, A&E Television Networks/The History Channel
Stacy Schmitt, Time Warner Cable
Christine St. Jean, Comcast Corp.
Stacy Stadler, Time Warner Cable
Melany Stroupe, Cable One
Sara Stutzenstein, Scientific-Atlanta Inc.
Richard Taub, Hispanic Information TV Network
Jana Wallack, Disney & ESPN Media Networks
Susan Warner, Time Warner Cable
Beverly Wilhide, Comcast Corp.
Summer Wilkie, Oxygen Media
Brian Wirth, Time Warner Cable