2003 – 2004 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Peter Kiley
Director of Affiliate Relations
C-SPAN Networks
Anita Lamont
Division Director of Communications
Charter Communications
Charles Schueler
Senior Vice President, Media and Community Relations
Cablevision Systems Corporation
Christine Levesque
Executive Vice President, Communications, Marketing, and Government Affairs
Gemstar-TV Guide
Ellen East
Vice President, Communications and Investor Relations
Cox Communications, Inc.
Steven R. Jones


Portia Badham
BadWyn Communications
Scott Broyles
Vice President, Public Affairs
Cox Communications
Alyssa Donelan
Director, Media Relations
NBC Cable Networks
Pamela Dover
Regional Director of Corporate Affairs, Greater Detroit Area
Comcast Cable Communications, Inc.
Rosa Gatti
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications and Outreach
ESPN, Inc.
Mark Harrad
Vice President, Corporate Communications
Time Warner Cable
William G. Jasso
Vice President, Public Affairs
Time Warner Cable
Maryann Kafer
Director, Public Relations
Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association
Scoot MacPherson
Senior Vice President, Public and Government Affairs
Court Television Network
Jenni Moyer
Senior Director of Public Relations
Comcast Cable Communications
Libby O'Connell, Ph.D.
Vice President, Education Initiatives
A&E Television Networks
Steve Raddock
Vice President-Communications & Production
Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau
Mike Schwartz
Senior Vice President, Communications
Jean Margaret Smith
Vice President, Public Affairs and Administration
Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, TV Land, Spike
Rob Stoddard
Senior Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs
National Cable & Telecommunications Association
James J. Weiss
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communication
Rainbow Media Holdings, Inc.

2003 – 2004 CTPAA Board of Advisors

Consisting of senior cable executives, the Board of Advisors provides CTPAA with insight, advice and feedback on association activities, industry issues and trends. A key objective for the Board of Advisors is to ensure that CTPAA is able to fulfill its mission: to develop and promote public affairs excellence to help achieve industry, corporate and social goals.
Decker Anstrom
President and COO
Landmark Communications, Inc.
Nickolas Davatzes
President and CEO
A&E Television Networks
Brian Lamb
Chairman and CEO
C-SPAN Networks
Robert Miron
Chairman and CEO
Advance/Newhouse Communications
Jim Robbins
President and CEO
Cox Communications, Inc.
Robert Sachs
President and CEO
National Cable & Telecommunications Association
Josh Sapan
President and CEO
Rainbow Media Holdings, Inc.
Henry Schleiff
Chairman and CEO
Courtroom Television Network LLC
Michael S. Willner
President and CEO
Insight Communications

2004 Beacon Awards Committee

Each year, Cable Television Public Affairs Association members volunteer to work on the Beacon Awards Committee. These professionals donate their time and expertise toward improving processes and developing new ways to increase the outreach and recognition of the Beacon Awards program. CTPAA is a professional cable association that values the participation of its members and is appreciative of the following individuals who have offered their time to help make the 2004 Beacon Awards an overwhelming success.


Maryann Kafer

Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association

Stacy Schmitt

Time Warner Cable/Waco Division

Beacon Awards Committee Members:

Portia Badham

BadWyn Communications

Peggy Ballard


Karen Benson

Cox Communications

Catherine Brett

ESPN, Inc.

Linda Chambers

Bright House Networks

Frederick Eaton


Chris Ellis

Comcast Cable Communications, Inc.

Frank Gallagher

Cable in the Classroom

Melody Khalatbari

Comcast of Montgomery County

Kimberly Maki

Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers

Daniel Newham

Cox Communications

Sheila Olive

Comcast Cable

Amy Otto


Taffy Patton

Patton Pending

Michael Pedelty

Cox Communications

Kristen Roberts


Todd Schoen

ABC Cable Networks Group

Beverly Wilhide

Comcast Atlantic Division

Brian Wirth

Time Warner Cable

Beacon Award Final Judges

Lidia Agraz, Time Warner Cable
Jeffrey Alexander, Comcast Cable Communications, Inc.
Portia Badham, BadWyn Communications
Peggy Ballard, Scientific-Atlanta
Amanda Batson, Ph.D., Texas Cable & Telecommunications Association
Susan Breckenridge, Time Warner Cable
Janice Caluda, Florida Cable Telecommunications Association
Carol Cate, Nickelodeon
Maureen Cestari, Comcast Cable Television
Linda Chambers, Bright House Networks
Anne Cowan, Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing
Brian Dietz, National Cable & Telecommunications Association
Pamela Dover, Comcast Cable Communications, Inc.
Ellen East, Cox Communications, Inc.
Randy Fraser, Time Warner Cable
Reg Griffin, Comcast
Mark Harrad, Time Warner Cable
Maryann Kafer, Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association
Peter Kiley, C-SPAN Networks
Nancy Larkin, Fox Sports Net/New England
Marie Lasota, Comcast
Nathalie Lubensky, ABC Cable Networks Group
Kimberly Maki, Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers
Cindy McConkey, Scripps Networks
Cheryl McCormick, Louisiana Cable & Telecommunications Association
Wayne O'Dell, Cable Telecommunications Association of Maryland, Delaware & D.C.
Diane Pickett Culpepper, Bright House Networks
David Pierce, National Cable & Telecommunications Association
Kim Roden, Time Warner Cable
Paul Rodriguez, National Cable & Telecommunications Association
Carole Shander, Court Television Network
Hannah Sheinbaum, IFC Companies
W. Tom Simmons, Midcontinent Communications
Rob Stoddard, National Cable & Telecommunications Association
Anthony Surratt, Cox Communications
Lee Tenebruso, Court Television Network
Teresa Wiedel, International Channel Networks
Jacquelyne Willis, BET Holdings, Inc.
Brian Wirth, Time Warner Cable

Beacon Award Preliminary Judges

Al Aldridge, Bright House Networks
Lisa Alston, Court Television Network
Portia Badham, BadWyn Communications
Peggy Ballard, Scientific-Atlanta
Karen Benson, Cox Communications
Andrea Bernstein, Oxygen Media
Denielle Bertarelli, Noggin
Donelle Blubaugh, Cable in the Classroom
Jocelyn Brandeis, Hallmark Channel
Catherine Brett, ESPN, Inc.
Thursa Crittenden, Cox Communications
Phyllis Dickerson-Johnson, Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing
Bev Dribin, Motorola, Broadband Communications Sector
Todd Eachus, Comcast
Elizabeth Ferrier, Cablevision/New York City
Pam Ford, National Cable & Telecommunications Association
Allison Frey, National Cable & Telecommunications Association
Kate Getzfread, Comcast
Candace Gibson, Cox Communications Gulf Coast
Jessica Graham, APR, Time Warner Cable
Melissa Gregg, Esq., Cox Communications
Cristino Griego, C-SPAN
Reg Griffin, Comcast
Kristen Grossnickle, Comcast
Susan Gunn, CTSi
Tania Hindert, Cox Communications, Inc.
Maureen Huff, Bresnan Communications
Scott Hults, EWTN Global Catholic Network
Rachel Jones, Comcast Cable
Maryann Kafer, Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association
Melody Khalatbari, Comcast of Montgomery County
Jennifer Khoury, Comcast
Sonya Lockett, BET Holdings, Inc.
Julie Madere, Cox Communications, Inc.
Leigh Majors, Turner Network Sales, Inc.
Bill Mushrush, TechTV
Daniel Newham, Cox Communications
Ron Orlando, National Cable & Telecommunications Association
Taffy Patton, Patton Pending
Stacie Reedy, Cox Communications, Inc.
Patti Rockenwagner, Comcast
Mead Rust, A&E Television Networks/The History Channel
Stacy Schmitt, Time Warner Cable/Waco Division
Todd Schoen, ABC Cable Networks Group
Laurie Schopp, VH1 Save the Music
Mike Smith, Comcast
Thomas Southwick, Starz Encore Group
Lynn Stirling, NBC Cable Networks
Melany Stroupe, Cable ONE
Sara Stutzenstein, Scientific-Atlanta
Danielle Ulwick, Adelphia Communications
Craig Watson, Charter Communications
Beverly Wilhide, Comcast Atlantic Division
Brian Wirth, Time Warner Cable
Kim Wonson, National Cable & Telecommunications Association
Maria Zoccolillo, NBC Cable Networks

2004 CTPAA Corporate Members

2004 Golden Benefactors

A&E Networks
Advance/Newhouse Communications
Cablevision Systems Corporation
Charter Communications
Comcast Cable Communications
Cox Communications
MTV Networks
NBC Cable Networks
Rainbow Media Holdings
Time Warner Cable
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

2004 Benefactors

ABC Cable Networks Group
Lifetime Television
The Weather Channel

2004 Friends & Associates

Bresnan Communications
Cable Telecommunications Association of New York
Comedy Central
Court TV
C-SPAN Networks
Discovery Networks
Florida Cable Telecommunications Association
Game Show Network
Gemstar-TV Guide
Hallmark Channel
Indiana Cable Telecommunications Association
Insight Communications
International Channel
Midcontinent Communications
Motorola, Broadband Communications Sector
Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association
The Outdoor Channel
Outdoor Life Network
Oxygen Media
Scripps Networks
Showtime Networks
Starz Encore Group
Texas Cable & Telecommunications Association