Wheeler Takes the Cake

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler took a break from the regulatory parry and thrust with communications stakeholders to be a "cakeholder."

He visited the offices of C-SPAN on Capitol Hill Wednesday (March 19) along with members of his staff to mark C-SPAN's 35th birthday as the home of House hearings.

C-SPAN has been giving FCC chairs tours of its offices for several years now, but according to C-SPAN VP and general counsel Bruce Collins, the chairman did not have a block of time sufficent for the tour, so they made it a lunch with senior staffers and impromptu birthday celebration instead, complete with a cake that Wheeler held for photos and then tasted.

Collins said that Wheeler brought along a number of staffers, and would have brought more except for some last minute bow-outs. "We were pleased that the chairman thought enough of the invitation that he wanted the whole staff to come," Collins said.