Wheeler Hosts a Host of Former Commissioners

The FCC celebrated its 80th birthday June 19 with a reunion of former chairs and commissioners, hosted by the current chair, Tom Wheeler.

It was described by one attendee as "mostly old friends talking," as well as snacking (pita, hummus, chips, shrimp), though there were speeches by Wheeler and former chairs Mignon Clyburn, Michael Copps, Michael Powell, Reed Hundt and Dick Wiley.

In addition to all the current commissioners, former commissioners on hand included Robert McDowell, Jonathan Adelstein, Rachelle Chong, Harold Furchtgott-Roth, Patricia Diaz Dennis and Andrew Barrett, plus former chiefs of staff—Jerry Fritz, Eddie Lazarus. Former chairs Kevin Martin, Julius Genachowski and Bill Kennard were among the recent chairs who did not make it to the event.

There was also a slide show culled from the commissioners and chairs featuring photos from commissions past.

Wiley joked that he had been around when the 1934 Act creating the FCC was signed by Franklin Roosevelt, and Powell pointed out that while he was appointed by another President to an important position that had a great effect on the economy and people's lives and what he would be remembered for was examining Janet Jackson's breasts (a reference to the Super Bowl reveal).

The press was not invited to partake of the birthday cake or monitor those conversations. But word is it was chocolate and boasted a Happy 80th Anniversary FCC (rather than "birthday") message.