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Netflix Tweets Warning to Subscribers About Doing 'Bird Box' Challenge

Netflix took to social media Wednesday to warn its subscribers not to hurt themselves walking around with blindfolds like the characters portrayed in its horror-themed original movie Bird Box.

In an afternoon tweet, the streaming service asked customers not to participate in the now viral #BirdBoxChallenge, in which people don blindfolds and try to complete tasks often depicted in the film. The challenge is based on Bird Box star Sandra Bullock’s character, who, along with her children, navigate treacherous and scary terrain blindfolded in an effort to avoid an entity that causes people to kill themselves if seen.


Since its Dec. 21 debut, the film has inspired memes and videos in which people film themselves doing many of the tasks depicted in the movie.

According to Netflix, Bird Box was watched by more than 45 million Netflix accounts in the first seven days since its launch. The added publicity surrounding the Bird Box Challenge will most likely build more interest for the movie in the long run.