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Netflix Quickly Becoming First Choice For Consumers

Live TV is still the first choice among viewers when they pick up the remote to watch TV, but new research from Hub Entertainment research says Netflix is but a click away from becoming the default choice for consumers – particularly among younger viewers.

Slightly more than one-third of consumers polled said that live Tv is the most common default for TV viewing, which is down from 50% in 2013, according to the survey.  Live Tv is also the main choice for 40% of consumers looking to surf content when they don’t have a specific show in mind, while half of all consumers choose live TV if they want a TV show on in the background while they’re doing other things, according to Hub.

Not surprisingly, Netflix is a more popular choice among younger viewers.  About 33% of millennials default to live TV compared to 31% for Netflix, according to the survey, For viewers 16-24 years of age, Netflix emerges as the group’s first TV viewing choice ( 40%), compared to just 26% who default to live TV.

Further, 26% of all viewers looking for a specific show or want to focus on watching TV without interruptions or distractions choose Netflix, while less than 21% choose Live TV.

“It’s important to note that along with an overall decline as consumers’ go-to viewing source, Live TV is losing ground in what one might argue are the more valuable viewing occasions,” said Hub principal Peter Fondulas. “The shows where people are most engaged versus the occasions when they’re just looking for something to have on in the background.”

One more reason for traditional Tv providers to worry about Netflix and other emerging digital content distribution services.  

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