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DNC Promotes Fox News GOP Debate

The Democratic National Committee is trying to drive traffic to Fox News with an online tune-in promo.

No, that was not a misprint.

In an e-mail biccycled to supporters, Monday the DNC invites them to play "candidate bingo," advising them to check their inboxes prior to the debate for a link to the game and adds to "make sure to tune in Thursday at 9 p.m. ET to play along," and "intive your friends" to do the same.

Fox News is airing the first debate, co-sponsored with Facebook. In fact, when the GOP announced the initial schedule of nine debates, Fox got three and Fox Business a fourth.

The game is ostensibly to see "who says the most predictable things first." But it is also about showing the DNC some monetary love. There is no cost to play, but agreeing to play leads to a solicitation screen for a contribution to the Democratic cause.