Disney's 'Gravity Falls' Teaser Spots Seek To Scare Up Fans

Disney Channel hopes to build momentum for the June launch of its new animated series Gravity Falls by launching five commercial spots that tell a spooky story involving the show’s main tween-aged characters.

The spots give Disney Channel the opportunity to introduce viewers to Gravity Falls, in which twin kids Dipper and Mabel Pines face unique adventures as they spend their summer vacation in Gravity Falls, Oregon with an eccentric uncle who owns the world’s most bizarre museum. The series debuts in June.

Each of the 15-second spots in the “Creature in the Closet teaser package currently running on the channel follows the exploits of the Pines kids as they try to determine what lurks behind their closet door, with the last spot bringing the mystery to a climax.

“These ‘Creature in the Closet’ teasers give viewers a peek into the colorful characters and strange and wondrous place of Gravity Falls, and set the stage for a multi-dimensional campaign that taps into the intrigue, surprise and comedic point of the view of the series,” said Richard Loomis senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Disney Channels Worldwide.

All five “Creature In The Closet” spots can be seen here.