Suddenlink, Sigma Systems Get Down to Business

Suddenlink Communications said has deployed an upgraded version of Sigma Systems’ Fulfillment Solution that enables the MSO to automate the activation of voice and data services to business customers.

Sigma’s business voice, SIP trunking and data services product provisions Suddenlink’s integrated voice and data access device at the customer premises, and integrates billing, order entry  and service delivery, the companies said, noting that Suddenlink has deployed the upgraded Sigma platform in all service areas.

"With the deployment of Sigma's newer platform, we now have flow-through automation of our business voice, SIP trunking and data services," said Kevin Stephens, president of commercial and advertising operations at Suddenlink, in a statement. "With full integration, we now have the ability to more efficiently manage large-line orders. The added ability to automate the provisioning of a single on-premise device to deliver complex business services to each of our SMB and enterprise customers has already resulted in improved customer experience, and a reduction in support requirements."

"With complete flow-through automation, Suddenlink can now accelerate its growth in the SMB/SME market, a market in which we are seeing extensive growth across our customer base in North America, CALA and Europe,” said Sigma Systems president and CEO Tim Spencer, in a statement.

Suddenlink, which serves about 1.3 million total customers, ended the first quarter with 25,500 business phone customers and 25,500 commercial phone customers, up, respectively, from 48,800 and 19,600 in the year-ago period.