Comcast's Business-Class VoiceEdge Platform Goes Mobile

Comcast Business has added several mobile features to VoiceEdge, its cloud-based PBX platform for small- and mid-sized commercial customers, that distributes access to unified communications and video calling features and enables customers to access them via iPhones and Android-powered smartphones.

Comcast said the mobile features are available to both current and new VoiceEdge customers, noting that it helps business customers support bring-your-own device policies. Those added features include the mobile app (Android version sampled at left) that interfaces to communications elements such as voice mail; Teleworker, which brings home the voice capabilities customers typically get in the office; Softphone, an app that lets users make and receive phone from the PC using their business phone number; and Video Calling, which enables point-to-point, HD-quality video calls using Business VoiceEdge phones with built-in cameras.

"Our new Business VoiceEdge mobility capabilities give workers seamless voice and unified communications that are tightly integrated with both their corporate offices and their preferred mobile devices," said John Guillaume, vice president, product management at Comcast Business, in a statement.  "These capabilities allow employees to improve their communications and productivity while at the office, on the road or working remotely."

Comcast launched VoiceEdge last March as the operator continued to move up market and add products and services tailored for larger business customers. It's now available across Comcast's IP network across 39 states.