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Travel Channel Analysis


The schedule is built around a handful of key series at 9pm or 10pm, complemented by repeats of the same on the same night.  Mondays in October was NO RESERVATIONS night.  Tuesdays in October transitioned from a night of MYSTERIES AT THE MUSEUM to a more diverse lineup this month, with BIZARRE FOODS AMERICA and freshman series AIRPORT 24/7 paired with BAGGAGE BATTLES. Wednesday is food/toy night, with MAN VS FOOD, TOY HUNTER, and FOOD PARADISES.  Thursdays in October featured stacked episodes of MYSTERIES AT THE MUSEUM.  Fridays and Saturdays were paranormal-themed, with a lineup of GHOST ADVENTURES and DEAD FILES, while Sundays closed out the week with a variety of Halloween-themed programs for October.


Live + SD Primetime Ratings Comparison / October 2012 vs October 2011  (% Change)

Source: The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample

After a rough summer, the loss of Anthony Bourdain, and some unsuccessful programming choices, an upward trend which began in September has continued into October.  The network is up 7% in overall viewers compared to October in 2011, and saw increases in some key younger demographics as well.  Many of the nights individually are seeing year-to-year growth as some of Travel's new series begin to catch on - good news for the network which has been trying to find their stride during 2012.

Monday nights in October were all about NO RESERVATIONS - stacked episodes in the 8pm, 9pm, and 10pm slots throughout the month.  The night was flat in overall viewers compared to last year but did see an increase among key younger demographics.

Tuesdays in October also saw moderate year-to-year growth.  The night was up 8% in overall viewers compared to last year with the debut of the new Tuesday night lineup, which replaced stacked episodes of MYSTERIES AT THE MUSEUM.  While BIZARRE FOODS AMERICA didn't manage to hit average in the 8pm slot, newcomer AIRPORT 24/7 saw above-average numbers throughout its run during the month.  Lead out BAGGAGE BATTLES didn't hit average.

Travel Channel heavy-hitters lead the charge on Wednesday night, but unfortunately, a tired lineup of shows contributed to a 14% loss of viewers compared to last year.  MAN VS FOOD struggled to hit average in the 8pm and 8:30pm slots and the show itself is down, on average, 13% in overall viewers compared to last year. TOY HUNTER, which debuted last month, started strong but numbers fluctuated, and the series struggled to hit average, but gained momentum throughout the month.

Thursdays were up 27% compared to October 2011 as stacked episodes of MYSTERIES AT THE MUSEUM transferred from Tuesdays to Thursdays this month, replacing a lineup of BIZARRE FOODS, NO RESERVATIONS, and MYSTERIES AT THE MUSEUM.  Though not every airing hit average, many did, and may surpassed it.  The series overall is up 7% compared to its performance in October 2011 (though it's also skewing older than it did a year ago.)

Friday's 14% year-to-year growth was fueled by the paranormal-themed GHOST ADVENTURES and DEAD FILES.  The night continues to be, by far, the strongest of the week for Travel Channel.  GHOST ADVENTURES and DEAD FILES in some airings double average.

Saturdays in October featured a lineup of stacked episodes of more GHOST ADVENTURES, contributing to the gains in year-to-year numbers among the key younger demographics.  GHOST ADVENTURES is up 16% overall compared to last year.

Sundays in October saw a 12% loss in overall viewers compared to last year, as Travel rolled out the requisite Halloween-themed programming for October.  Top performing was MAKING MONSTERS.