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WWE Plans Spanish-Language VOD

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) said Monday it plans to roll out Spanish-language video-on-demand programming for cable, satellite, and telco operators.

"WWE is hugely popular with Hispanic viewers,” said Tom Barreca, executive VP, WWE Enterprises. “They are among the most loyal groups of Pay-Per-View and WWE consumer product buyers we've identified.”

At the outset, WWE will provide five to six hours of programming per month that distributors can offer to consumers on a transactional basis. The content will include thematic shows, classic matches, and biographies.

WWE, which distributes its programming worldwide in 13 languages across more than 100 countries, already operates a subscription VOD service called WWE 24/7.

Some programming may be re-voiced by on-air personalities Carlos Cabrera and Hugo Savinovich, who currently do SAP broadcasts for WWE shows.

The Stamford, Conn.-based company has not yet secured deals with operators.