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Witnesses sign up for FCC's EEO hearing

Sixteen individuals from industry and the civil rights community are
confirmed participants in Monday's Federal Communications Commission hearing on
proposed new Equal Employment Opportunity rules for broadcaster stations and
cable franchises.

Among the participants: Henry Rivera, former FCC commissioner; Ann Arnold,
executive director, Texas State Broadcasters' Association; Tom Baxter,
president, Time Warner Cable; Linda Berg, political director, National
Organization of Women; Joan Gerberding, president, American Women in Radio and
Television; Cathy Hughes, chairperson, Radio One; Michael Jack, president,
NBC-Washington; Hugh Price, president, National Hispanic Media Coalition; Art
Torres, president, Walter Kaitz Foundation; and Steve White, senior vice
president, AT&T Broadband.

The hearing is intended to help the FCC in its third attempt to craft
minority- and gender-recruiting rules that will withstand court scrutiny.

In December the FCC proposed a wide range of options, but specifically
recommended a plan to require stations and cable systems to provide job notices
for all vacancies to any organization that requests them. Plus, most companies
would be required to choose among a list of recruitment initiatives such as job
fairs, internships and other community outreach.

The commission also might require companies to collect data on the ethnicity
and gender of applicants.

The FCC's original rules were struck down in 1998 and a revision tossed out
in January 2001.

The hearings begins 10 a.m. at FCC headquarters.