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Urban Latino a go

A new weekly magazine show, Urban Latino, just picked up two key
clearances, KABC-TV Los Angeles and KFOR-TV and WBFD(TV), the CBS duopoly in

Robert Rose, president of the show's packager, Artist & Idea Management,
New York, said the show is a firm go for launch in syndication this fall.

The show is a venture of Rainbow Media Holdings Inc.'s MetroTV cable channel in New York,
Urban Latino magazine, Rose's company and Latino Media Ventures. PMG
Media, New York, will sell ad time in the show.

In New York, the show will air on MetroTV, serving 4.4 million subscribers
(or roughly one-half of the New York market).

KABC plans to air the show in an afternoon weekend time period, while WFOR is
planning a weekend access run, Rose said.

No word yet on when WBFD will air it.