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Top Model Tops in Out-of-Home Viewing

America's Top Model's seventh season drew strong out-of-home viewing on KHCW-TV Houston, apparently after viewers got caught up in the second-season story lines.

That's according to the latest results from Arbitron's test of its portable people meter, the ratings device that travels with the viewer and measures out-of-home media use.

While average out-of-home viewing is 13%, according to Arbitron, Top Model averaged 16.4%, but the tale of the tape is how that viewing changed. The first two episodes actually had less out-of-home viewing than the norm at 9.5% and only 5.7%, respectively.

But by the third episode, out-of-home viewing had spiked to 24.7% and never dropped below double digits, peaking at 28.1% for episode 10. That was the episode where the contestants did a photo shoot in a bull ring with a live and dangerous bull in residence.