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Survey: Only a Third of Broadband Subscribers Recommend Their Service

A survey conducted by broadband software company Incognito Software Systems has both good news and bad news for internet service providers (ISPs): only about a third of broadband customers will recommend their service to others, and only one in 10 have actually switched providers in the last year.

“In this era of subscriber monetization, it’s essential that broadband providers clearly grasp what's important to their existing subscribers,” Stephane Bourque, president and CEO of Incognito, said in a statement. "As our survey shows, providers are expected to do more than ever before: provide faster speeds, lower prices and superior WiFi capabilities to live up to their subscribers' demands.

“To meet this high bar, providers must seek out the appropriate tools to gather smarter network insights, improve device and home network management capabilities, and provide subscribers with tailored services that meet their unique needs.”

Poor speeds, unreliable WiFi, and high prices were the top reasons consumers were dissatisfied with their service. Forty-five percent of respondents said they recommended their broadband provider based on speed, while 31% said they based their recommendations on WiFi service. However, if given the choice to improve just one offering from their ISP, 40% said it would be the monthly price they pay.

Suburban dwellers are specifically influenced by broadband price, with 46% listing it as their top concern, compared to 35% of those living in urban areas, according to Incognito’s report.

The report also noted that web browsing was tops among internet usage for all respondents (60%) while 51% said they used their smartphone to access the internet using their ISP.

For more information on the report — which surveyed nearly 800 18- to 65-year-old Americans in March via Google’s Consumer Surveys platform — click here.