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RTNDA study lauds local TV

A study commissioned by the Radio-Television News Directors Foundation
concluded that local television is the major source of news for the American
public and more than two-thirds of those surveyed rate local TV news as good or

More than half those polled, though, wanted to know more about the process of
story selection.

But contrary to the opinions of news directors surveyed, the public isn't
channel surfing as much, and nearly half of viewers responding said they don't
change the channel at all during local news.

The survey was done for RTNDF by Ball State University Professor Bob Papper.

Only last week, however, an Los Angeles Times poll showed that more
than two-thirds of respondents were relying on the three major cable news
networks for their news about the war in Iraq.

According to the newspaper, 23 percent cited local TV news and 18 percent
cited three broadcast networks.