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No love lost

Rep. Billy Tauzin (R-La.) and FCC Chairman William Kennard profess to be pals in private, but professional relations between the two are getting so tense it may take a subpoena to get them together in public. Tauzin, who has waged war against a broad range of Kennard policies, complains that the FCC chief has turned down four straight requests to testify before his Telecommunications Subcommittee.

The most recent was Kennard's refusal to appear at a hearing on legislation to prevent the FCC from imposing guidelines that would limit the time religious broadcasters could devote to sectarian or personal religious programming. Other recent Kennard absences were from committee hearings on low-power radio, telecommunications mergers, and broadcast ownership. Now Tauzin is mulling an offer Kennard can't refuse: subpoenaing him to testify on FCC lobbying activities (see story, page 14).