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Interest Groups Speak Out Against Impending Comcast/NBCU Meld

Calling it "the
most important media merger since Lucy met Desi," Media Access Project
President Andrew Schwartzman says that his group will oppose the meld of NBCU
and Comcast.

"No entity
should have control over such a large audience," he said in a statement
following news that GE and Vivendi had come to an agreement on the purchase of
Vivendi's stake in the company that would pave the way for that merger. 

Shwartzman said that
he was particularly concerned about the effects of the merger on distribution
of online video.

Free Press also
expressed its strong opposition, but that came as no surprise, since it already
has a web site up and running to try to block the deal.

"Washington and
Wall Street want the public to think this is a done deal. But it's time for
policymakers to stop putting the narrow interests of big corporations ahead of
what's best for the American people," said Free Press Executive Director
Josh Silver in response to the news of the Vivendi/GE agreement.