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House Repeat Powers Fox Win

A repeat of the season finale of Fox's House was the second-highest-rated show of the night in the 18-49 demo, according to Nielsen, while Fox's re-run of the previous night's series debut of drama  Vanished was fourth among the Big Four at 9-10.

Fox won the night with a 2.6 rating/8 share in 18-49's, thanks to House's 3.0/10 at 8-9, where the show will air in the fall.

Vanished averaged a 2.1/6, down from a 3/8 in its first outing, but unless Monday viewers were coming back for seconds, that likely represented mostly new sampling to the show, which, like 24, is a continuing thriller that benefits from hooking viewers from the get-go.

CBS was second with a 2.5/8, powered by an original Big Brother at 9-10, the night's highest-rated show at a 3.2/9. NBC was third in the demo with a 2.3/7. It's top show was a repeat of Law & Order:SVU (2.8/8). CBS' averaged was dragged down by its 8-9 offering, Concert for America's Kids, which averaged a 1.6/5.

ABC was fourth with a 2.2/7. It's top-rated show was Primetime at 10 with a 2.3/7.

The WB, which only a day before had tied UPN, doubled it on Tuesday with a .8/2 to UPN's .4/1. Both have only a few weeks before they are folded into The CW.