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Displaced band of brothers

Eleven local TV stations serving New York City and the surrounding environs
have banded together to form the New York/New Jersey Broadcasters' Coalition to
locate and develop a permanent transmission site for terrestrial analog and
digital service.

Since Sept. 11, the stations have set up temporary broadcasting facilities at
either the Empire State building in New York or the Armstrong tower in Alpine
N.J., although most are not happy with their signal propagation.

WPIX(TV) and WNBC(TV) are somewhat happier today, having yesterday moved from
the Alpine Tower to the Empire State Building.

Eventually WABC-TV, WWOR(TV) and WNET-TV are expected to originate from the
same antenna at Empire as WPIX(TV), a spokesperson there said-WNBC is on a
different antenna.

Governors Island, in Manhattan, is being considered by the coalition as a
possible site for backup or permanent transmitter location.

Bill Baker, president and CEO of public station WNET(TV), is heading the
coalition, whose members are WABC-TV; WCBS-TV, WHSE-TV; WNBC(TV): WNET;