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Couric Departure Imminent

At press time, network sources said they expected an announcement Wednesday that Katie Couric is exiting The Today Show.

An April 5 announcement would have some symmetry since it would mark exactly 15 years since she took over the reins at the network April 5, 1991.

Meanwhile, negotiations are hot and heavy over at NBC to replace Couric with Meredith Vieira, moderator of ABC's daytimer, The View, as well as syndicated game show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Vieira would be a good fit. Couric has also been a contributing anchor to NBC's prime time news mag, Dateline NBC. Vieira's resume includes Emmy-winning reporting on 60 Minutes.

The other shoe dropping, though likely not immediately, is expected to be Couric succeeding Bob Schieffer atop the CBS Evening News. Schieffer has said his stint was temporary until a replacement for Dan Rather was found. Couric would be the first female solo anchor of a broadcast network nightly newscast.

Reports have Couric staying through May, when her contract expires. That would give NBC a chance to milk some ratings out of a May sweeps farewell.

Her deal with CBS is said to include a role with 60 Minutes.

Couric's departure and move to CBS has been anticipated for well over a year. B&C reported back in December 2004, when Rather was still in the saddle,  that Bob Schieffer could be named an interim anchor, with CBS likely to court Couric.