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Comcast-NBCU: ACA: Comcast's Concessions Are 'Band-Aid On Ax Wound'

The proposed Comcast/NBCU deal will pit the nation's biggest
cable operator against 900 or so midsized and smaller operators concerned about
a combined company's market power.

While the American Cable Association stopped short of
opposing the deal outright, ACA President Matt Polka was unimpressed by the
public interest conditions offeredup by Comcast.

"Applying a Band-Aid to an ax wound is hardly a
solution," Polka said in a statement Thursday. "Comcast's proposed
concessions designed to gain regulatory approval will not achieve the important
goal of alleviating all the serious harms that this transaction would cause
consumers of small cable and broadband operators."

Polka called for broad government intervention, whether that
is in the form of a forced divestiture or conditions "to prevent the new
programming giant from using its enhanced market power to raise prices and
limit choices for consumers of small and medium-sized cable and broadband

ACA is concerned the new company will drive up the price to
operators of its TV station signals and must-have programming like sports.