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BitTorrent Makes it Legal

Peer-to-peer sharing service BitTorrent has launched a legal download service to its users.

Visitors to now have access to movies, music videos and television shows from major players including 20th Century Fox, Lions Gate, MTV Networks, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. and MGM. The move toward legitimacy on the part of the file-sharing service has been in the works for over a year, the San Fransisco based-company signed its first distribution agreement with Warner Bros. last March.

The service will allow users to buy or rent movies. Television shows will only be available as $1.99 purchases.

BitTorrent was initially a file-sharing protocol for moving large files over a network without overloading bandwidth requirements.  The more users who are “seeded” with a torrent (i.e. have started downloading a file) the quicker files will download by additional users.