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Best Buy Adds Common Sense Media DVD Reviews

Best Buy decided to add Common Sense Media reviews of TV shows and movies to the DVD section of beginning this week.

Best Buy already features Common Sense reviews of video games on the site. The DVD reviews will include information on violence, sex and profanity.

"At Best Buy, we understand the importance of giving customers clear and accurate information to help them make good decisions about media titles they buy," Best Buy vice president of movies and games Jill Hamburger said in announcing the move. "We want parents to be confident that they are buying DVDs and games that are appropriate and enjoyable for their families. The additional information from Common Sense Media provides guidance about both the content of the title and its entertainment value, as well as serving as a great supplement to ratings information currently available."

Common Sense, the nonprofit group that advocates for parental oversight of children's media consumption, has also been pushing for a government- and industry-funded, broad-based media-education initiative.