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ACA frets Comcast-AT&T deal

Add American Cable Association president Matt Polka to the list of those who
are concerned about Comcast Corp.'s proposed $72 billion purchase of AT&T

'While we digest the news of another giant media merger, the idea of big
media companies getting bigger always concerns our association, our members and
our customers in smaller markets and rural areas, particularly when content and
programming issues are involved,' Polka said in a prepared statement Friday.

The ACA's board of directors has not yet met to discuss the merger and to
determine a course of action.

Polka also said he hoped Comcast's purchase of AT&T Broadband would not
encourage policymakers to approve EchoStar Communications Corp.'s proposed
purchase of DirecTV Inc parent Hughes Electronics Corp.

'If the effect of the Comcast-AT&T deal is to help approve EchoStar's
proposed satellite monopoly, then that would not be good for competition in
smaller markets where independent cable operators will have to compete,' Polka

The ACA represents independent cable operators in smaller markets and rural