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ABC, Oregon station in scrap

While the Federal Communications Commission continues to investigate
affiliate allegations of abuses by the networks, a war of words is heating up
between ABC and KEZI(TV) Eugene, Ore.

In August, the station charged the network with hindering the launch of a 10
p.m. newscast by rejecting the station's request to move network primetime up
one hour.

KEZI said ABC also wouldn't let it reschedule network programming to air the
University of Oregon's appearance in the NCAA tournament or a special on the
impact of the West Coast energy crisis on the state.

ABC countered that KEZI wants to launch the early news at the expense of the
network to pay for poor management decisions, such as losses from
syndicated-program purchases.

ABC said it has granted numerous schedule changes and balked only at
rebroadcasts of local sporting events.

The station plans to respond in the next few weeks.