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Report: Young to Sell WTEN?

Perhaps Young Broadcasting is slashing expenses to offload multiple stations, not just KRON, posits the Albany Times-Union. Reporter Chris Churchill points out that Young’s deep layoffs came just as sweeps was about to begin–seen by many as a move akin to shooting oneself in one’s foot. 

Then again, if they’re only thinking short-term about the stations, maybe it’s not so dubious. "That assumes that Young has long-term goals for its properties, and it might not," Paul Conti, a communications professor at The College of Saint Rose and a former news director at WNYT Albany, told Churchill.

Another anchor in the Albany market wonders if the local Young station will exit the news biz altogether. Writes Churchill:

That has observers such as Ed Dague, a former anchor at WNYT Ch. 13, worried the WTEN job cuts could be the first step toward something more dramatic: the elimination of all news programming.

Dague said consultants have long predicted the Capital Region could not support four nightly news broadcasts, not with advertising dollars splintering among an increased number of media options.

"Maybe we’re seeing the beginning of that," Dague said. "At the least, we’re seeing a scaling back."

Speaking of WNET, we’d mentioned last week that clicking on the "Meet the News10 Anchor Team" link prompted the user to come back at a later time, when the slimmed-down new team was in place. The link is indeed up–it’s here.