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DTV Transition? Oh, Is that Today?

I know, I know, the DTV Transition is a pretty big deal. B&C’s John Eggerton has been all over it for a long long time.

Still, I can’t help but be…underwhelmed. Across the net there is fear, there is outrage, there are nutjobs. And yet I don’t care. This is what the DTV Transition does to people, turns 20-somethings like me into old coots telling everyone to quiet down with that DTV riffraff.

The number of people affected is somewhere between 1.75 million (from the National Association of Broadcasters) to 3 million (from the always reliable *snicker* Nielsen).

But as The Hollywood Reporter’s James Hibberd so eloquently put it in his (must read) blog, the DTV transition is “a disaster akin to a power outage (if the outage only impacted one appliance in your home, was entirely solved by a trip to Best Buy and you knew it was coming for two years in advance).”

Folks, if you forgot to get the converter box sometime in the last year, your beloved Matlock is just a trip to the electronics store away.

Or-and I know this is blasphemy for a TV rag-you could try reading a book. The Da Vinci Code doesn’t count.